Tesa insulation tape, tesa tesa double-sided tape

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Tesa SE tesa tape company is one of the largest tape manufacturers in the world, and tape products made by tesa tape company are famous for its excellent quality.

Tesa 's tape products were also produced and sold around the world as early as 1936 . There are more than 800 tape products sold in more than 100 countries around the world .

With its rich commercial experience and professional technical literacy, tesa tape company focused on the development of serialized industrial adhesive tape products with a wide range of applications. These products are already in the automotive, electronics, electrical, smart card, packaging and other industries

Widely used .

Common models:

04224-00126-00 Kautschukmasse WEISS Lönge/m: 66,00 Breite/m

Automatik-spender 6038


04224-00126-00 Kautschukmasse WEISS Lönge/m: 66,00 Breite/m

Tesa insulation tape, tesa tesa double-sided tape

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