·Japan surveys Volkswagen / Mazda diesel vehicle emissions

The Japanese Ministry of Transportation recently asked all automakers to inspect their diesel models to confirm compliance with the country's vehicle emission standards. The investigations triggered by public emissions fraud have now started in many countries around the world.
The Japanese Ministry of Transportation asked Toyota, Mazda and Volkswagen to make a briefing on their findings. The Japanese government is also considering whether to modify the certification of diesel engines.

Officials from the Japanese Ministry of Transportation said that Volkswagen did not formally export diesel vehicles to Japan. However, since 2008, some consumers have purchased more than 200 Volkswagen and Audi diesel models. The Department of Transportation is investigating whether it is necessary to recall and repair these vehicles.

Volkswagen is Japan's best-selling foreign car brand, and the best-selling diesel model is Mazda. The latter stated that it had never used illegal cheats.

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