China's first automatic loading and unloading of sanitation vehicles off the assembly line

After three years of research and development, the Yongzhuang Group in Yingkou, Liaoning Province has successfully produced the first batch of intelligent automatic sanitation vehicles in China . The car can be operated by one person. The automatic retractable loading and unloading arm can dump the garbage in the garbage can into the vehicle and return it to the original place. The vehicle is also provided with a system such as compression and cleaning, which improves the sanitation work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of the workers. The vehicle compartment compression system, automatic loading and unloading of garbage cans, and anti-leakage technologies have filled the domestic gap.

Automatic loading and unloading of sanitation vehicles

Automatic loading and unloading of sanitation vehicles

On August 26, 2015, the reporter came to Yong Zhuang Group. The company's automatic loading and unloading of intelligent sanitation vehicles is carrying out garbage removal and transportation work around the streets of the plant. A driver uses the image monitoring system to steer the vehicle accurately to the side of the trash can, and presses the remote control button to operate the automatic retractable loading arm to pick up the trash. The front end of loading and unloading arm adopts an enveloping automatic pliers-type finger design, and is equipped with a leak-proof device, which can effectively prevent the lid of the bin from opening and causing leakage during the lifting process. When the loading and unloading arm lifts the trash can above the carriage, the leak-preventing pressure bar automatically pops up, dumps the garbage into the carriage, and then the loading and unloading arm returns the garbage bucket to its original position. It takes about 20 seconds to collect garbage from a trash can. There are two compression systems that can be single-acting and double-acting in the carriage, which can effectively save space. Under the same load, it is 2-3 times of the loading capacity of similar products. The waste water that is squeezed out after being compressed will flow into the recovery tank through the leak tank and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. After the work is completed, the workers can use the high-pressure water gun that the vehicle brings to clean the carriage to ensure that the inside and outside of the vehicle are clean and tidy. In addition, all-aluminum cars are used in vehicles, and corrosion resistance is at the forefront of similar products at home and abroad.

At present, Yong Zhuang Group has obtained the national patent for invention of “closed-automated garbage auto” and related eight national utility model patents, relying on independent innovation to develop the industrial profile market. It is expected that the car will be formally put into the market during the year.

Compared with the castings, metal after forging processing can improve its organizational structure and mechanical properties. Casting organization after forging method of thermal deformation due to metal deformation and recrystallization, make original bulky dendrite and columnar grain to grain is fine and uniform axial recrystallization organization, make the ingot in the original segregation, porosity, porosity, slag compaction and welded, such as its organization become more closely, plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal.

The mechanical properties of castings is lower than forging mechanical properties with the same material. In addition, the metal forging process can guarantee the continuity of fibrous tissue, the forging of fibrous tissue and forging appearance consistent, metal flow is complete, can guarantee the parts with good mechanical properties and long service life with precision die forging, cold extrusion, extrusion temperature and other process of forging, is incomparable by casting

Forging is a metal pressure, through the shape of the plastic deformation shape requirements or suitable compression force. This kind of typical power by using a hammer or pressure. Forging process built fine granular structure, and improve the physical properties of metal. In parts of practical use, a proper design can make the grain flow in the direction of main stress. Casting is to use all kinds of casting method for metal forming objects, namely the good liquid metal smelting, casting, injection, inhaled or other casting method into the prepared mold, after cooling the shakeout, cleaning and post-processing, etc., of a certain shape, size and properties of objects.

There are many different kinds of forging processes available, however they can be grouped into three main classes:

Drawn out: length increases, cross-section decreases

Upset: length decreases, cross-section increases

Squeezed in closed compression dies: produces multidirectional flow

Common forging processes include: roll forging, swaging, cogging, open-die forging, impression-die forging, press forging, automatic hot forging and upsetting

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B. Main particulars


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C. Construction

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D Workmanship

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E. Certificates

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