What is unique about the three-box temperature impact test box


1. The three-box temperature impact test box can independently set the functions of three different conditions of high temperature, low temperature, and thermal shock. When performing cold and hot shock conditions, it has the function of high and low temperature tester.

2. Three box type temperature impact test box can automatically advance the pre-cooling, preheating and standby functions during the scheduled start-up time operation; can set the number of cycles and defrosting times; automatic (manual) defrosting; controller man-machine interface friendly , Program setting is convenient, abnormality and troubleshooting display function is complete.

3. The three-box temperature impact tester adopts a large-scale color LCD touch-conversation microcomputer control system. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and the operation status is clear at a glance;

4. Three-box type temperature impact test box adopts totally enclosed imported compressor + environmental protection refrigerant, plate type cold heat exchanger and binary ultra-low temperature freezing system. It has LAN network communication interface and can be connected to a computer for remote control. It is easy to use;

This is just a part of the characteristics of the three-box temperature shock test box, and it is also the main part. There is more detailed information on the callable consultation.

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