Soil moisture tester to study soil moisture in desertification areas

In arid and semi-arid regions, due to low precipitation and strong evaporation, the environment is in a state of water deficit. Water is the key factor determining the structure and function of the ecosystem in the region. Soil moisture is an important component of the ecosystem's water-heat balance, which determines the water-heat balance of the entire ecosystem. Soil moisture status has important effects on soil physical properties and vegetation growth. Therefore, a systematic study of the spatial-temporal patterns and dynamics of soil moisture in arid and semi-arid regions will undoubtedly have important implications for the prevention and control of desertification and the restoration and reconstruction of degraded ecosystems in the studied areas. The soil moisture tester can conduct research and measurement on the soil moisture in the study and provide it with reliable moisture content data.

Because the precipitation is scarce in arid and semi-arid regions and the seasons are not evenly distributed, soil moisture dynamics have always been one of the focuses of research on soil moisture in the region. In recent years, many scholars have conducted a lot of research on soil moisture in arid and semi-arid regions. However, continuous observations and studies on soil moisture dynamics in the transitional areas between oasis and desert have not been reported. This paper systematically studies the spatial-temporal pattern and dynamic law of soil moisture in the transitional zone of Minqin Oasis and desert in Gansu Province, in order to lay a foundation for grasping the water-heat balance law of this ecosystem, and provide scientific basis for restoration and reconstruction of degraded ecosystem.

The soil moisture meter measures the soil moisture content and applies the neutron moisture meter method. A neutron tube was embedded in the uphill position, the middle slope position, and the down slope position of each selected sample to measure the soil moisture content of each sample point. From the beginning of the measurement, observations were made every 7 days. In addition, an automatic weather station was installed at each site for the observation of factors such as air temperature and humidity, solar radiation, and precipitation and evaporation. The soil moisture in different slope positions varies greatly, and basically shows the following changes: the order of soil moisture from the small to the large is the uphill position <the mid-slope position <the down slope; due to the vegetation coverage and the soil physical properties, the soil moisture varies. The change in slope is also significantly different. Compared with the uphill position and the mid-slope position, the soil moisture content in the down slope is higher, reaching a maximum of 15,1408%. This is because the surface of the desert soil on the down slope is usually undulating and the low-lying areas can accommodate The retention and retention of moisture and moisture on the soil surface can increase the time for water infiltration, thus affecting the variability of soil moisture content. In addition, by analyzing the physical properties of soil on each slope, the soil particles on the lower slope are finer and smaller. Particles help improve soil water retention.

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