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Henan Yichang Bellows Factory is located in Jiaohe Industrial Zone, Botou City. The company is specialized in producing corrugated compensators, metal hoses, non-metallic compensators, rubber soft joints, sleeve compensators, and waterproof casings. It is a large-scale enterprise and manufacture of similar products in China. Metal bellows, metal hose processing.

Henan Yichang Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. produces pipe fittings for enterprises. Over the years the factory in the "quality first, the credibility of the first, the user first." The quality of survival, customer satisfaction as a guideline for the sake of users, to meet all the needs of customers. The factory is located in Zhengzhou and the ancient capital of nine dynasties between Luoyang, the Central and Western only "100 strong counties" Central Plains city of Gongyi City, geographical location, convenient transportation and advanced communications. The factory mainly produces a variety of models of waterproof casing, flexible waterproof casing, rigid waterproof casing, 02S404 waterproof casing, hood type ventilation tube, closed waterproof casing, stainless steel casing, air defense closed casing, embedded waterproof Casing, waterproof wing ring and so on.

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For over 20 years, botuo engineers have developed world-class cleaning and maintenance solutions. we have developed and improved our customized solutions for all sectors of industry and commerce. 

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our Industrial Plunger Pump unit  are widely used in Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting Applications

Surface Treatment

botuo`s product line is applicable in many branches of industry for the cleaning and preparation of surfaces, such as the removal of all types of coatings and rust. Other applications include emission-free disinfection and selective concrete removal

Water Jet Cutting

botuo cutting tools have an excellent reputation in the construction and demolition industries, and have the ability to cut reinforced concrete, steel or ceramic. In addition, the tools can be applied to the simple dismantling of containers, steel structures and buildings. botuo cutting tools do not generate heat at the cutting edge, are dust-free, and produce low vibration.

Industrial Cleaning

botuo systems are indispensable when it comes to cleaning within the chemical and manufacturing industries. Many companies rely on our systems to effortlessly remove varnish, paint, resin, and caked debris from containers without leaving residue behind. botuo machine are certified as extremely safe products.

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