Chlorophyll meter analysis of vegetable chlorophyll changes

The development of facility agriculture is an effective measure for increasing farmers' income and increasing agricultural efficiency. It is also an effective platform for extending the industrial development chain and adopting effective measures to develop facilities agriculture. The greenhouses are neat and orderly, but there is a problem of insufficient illumination during the production of facilities. As a result, some vegetables are exposed to low light stress for a long time, affecting their growth and final yield. Chlorophyll meter is an important instrument for the study of crop photosynthesis.

To this end, the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center purchased a chlorophyll meter, and agricultural researchers analyzed the chlorophyll changes of vegetables under different low light conditions through the chlorophyll meter, thus providing a basis for developing low light-tolerance vegetable quality.

According to reports, chlorophyll meter is an efficient chlorophyll measurement instrument, which can measure the chlorophyll content of crops in a relatively short period of time. The instrument is exquisitely compact and portable, and the measurement method is also very simple. It is only necessary to place the leaves on the chlorophyll meter. The measuring probe can be combined with the probe to measure the chlorophyll content of the crop.

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