Simrad has launched R2009 and R3016 radar controllers

It is reported that Simrad has launched the Simrad R2009 and R3016 radar controllers. These two dedicated radar displays will be complemented by Simrad's award-winning radar antenna solution. The Simrad R2009 radar controller will be equipped with a 9-inch image display. The Simrad R3016 radar controller will be equipped with a 16-inch wide-screen display.
Simrad has introduced R2009 and R3016 radar controllers
Both displays will utilize the latest generation of digitally tuned intuitive control interfaces to optimize situational awareness under most adverse conditions. When paired with Simrad's wideband 3G/4G radome or Halo Pulse Compression arrays, excellent target resolution will be achieved by using beam sharpening techniques.
It is understood that the R2009 and R3016 radar controllers are very suitable for use as "independent" dedicated radar stations. Commercial controllers will appreciate this professional-grade interface and convenient installation, even in demanding retrofit applications.
The Simrad R2009 and R3016 radar controllers have rugged brackets for tough working environments and embedded mounting options that meet IPX7 waterproofing requirements from all sides. The two radar controllers operate with a comprehensive keyboard and a rotary dial with a direct access button along the on-screen menu selection real controller. Whether it's a high-speed voyage or gloved operation, this proven control system is very comfortable when sailing on rough seas.
The 9-inch R2009 radar controller comes with a full-color display that can be used in the wheelhouse or a high-intensity brightness of approximately 480x800 pixels in direct sunlight illumination. This compact package, high resolution and extreme color combination is an alternative to existing radars. The radar's Peripheral Interface (PPI) will be accompanied by a large read-only information panel that is clear enough to identify targets and hazards.
The 16-inch R3016 radar controller is equipped with a 1366x768 pixel HD (15.6-inch) horizontal display. Equipped with a 180mm very detailed radar peripheral interface, this broadband display helps provide reorganization space for additional ship data, radar settings and target tracking information. For safe and effective control, the operation of the menu does not require hiding the radar image. The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output provided will be used to set up an optional secondary remote monitoring.
The R2009 and R3016 radar controllers will be shipped to users at the end of the first quarter of 2016.

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