Demystify the management model of the “team, school, and home” team in the excellent team Weichai won the award

In early December 2015, at the National Quality Trustworthy Team Experience Exchange Conference , Weichai Binhai Foundry Melting Workshop Electric Furnace Class achieved the National Quality Trustworthy Outstanding Team with fifteen China Machine Quality Association and was based on unique management concepts and novelty. The form of reporting became the only project that was selected by the judges of the General Assembly for display in the national machinery industry.

Weichai Casting Furnace
Weichai Casting Furnace

The furnace class is responsible for controlling the molten iron supply and chemical composition of all castings at the Binhai Foundry. It can be said that the hot metal melted from the electric furnace is the source of qualified castings. What kind of team management philosophy has attracted the attention of the quality judges of the National Quality Association? What kind of innovative ideas for the team has won the “Guoyou” award?

Working class

"Institutions" are quality and safety preservatives. The leader of the squad leader, Liu Dengfeng, attributed the main reason for the award to the management idea of ​​the “workshop” for electric cookers: “The norm and order are the principles that we think about, analyze, treat, and deal with all the problems of the team. With this major premise, we can put the team in Management is really handed over to employees."

At the beginning of the establishment of the electric furnace class, it will standardize various raw records, conscientiously do a good job of daily production status, production process monitoring records, and provide a reliable basis for day-to-day management. So far, the electric furnace class has introduced more than 50 management systems at the class level and has standardized the team management system.

In the process of implementing the system, the electric cookers form daily morning meetings, weekly meetings, monthly meetings and other mechanisms to encourage employees of the team to participate in the production, decision-making, and management of the team. On the other hand, they continuously improve the feedback of employees. The system adapts to the status of team management and maximizes the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of team members.

Learning school

Cao Wei was a new employee who entered the electric furnace class in 2014. He spent less than one year becoming the backbone of the workshop. Not only was he able to complete multiple jobs independently, but he also proposed dozens of production line improvement projects. Productivity. Cao Wei's rapid growth is entirely due to the training courses in the electric furnace system.

In the initial stage of the electric stove shift team, the employees in the team had different levels of education and professional operating skills were uneven. How to make employees improve the quality of personal business in this "school" of the company? This puts a test on the training of electric cookers.

“What is missing and what is needed to make up for it!” Based on the principle of training tailored to local conditions, the electric furnace class formulates a detailed training plan based on each individual’s specific circumstances. The staff's theoretical level is high and the actual level of operation is lacking. Therefore, in the development of the training plan, the actual operations, accident handling, and other aspects are increased. vice versa. In this way, everyone can learn from each other and digest and absorb specific training content quickly and apply it. The multi-skilled worker training carried out in the electric cooker class, the promotion of the quality manual and the knowledge that it should be answered will be the “campus” for the innovative growth of employees.

Spiritual home

The electric stove class is an excellent team, but in the eyes of Li Xiuhui and others, it is even more a warm "homeland." As newly recruited young employees, far away from home, Li Xiuhui’s life is basically a line of flats and dormitories, and life is simple and boring. The electric cooker class made Li Xiuhui's boring life a little brighter.

The electric stove class is a “home” for employees to cultivate their sentiments, relax, and release pressure. Into the team, the first thing that can be seen in front of them is a class honor wall, where employees participate in the competition's silhouettes and awards. Every time you see this, employees will have a sense of belonging and pride. Even more family quotations on the closet, with parents, wives and children's personal blessings, after the change of overalls, everyone at first glance can see the family's warnings, with the blessings and reminders safe to enter the working state. In addition, the washing machines and microwave ovens displayed in the team and all the flowers and plants we planted together are all exuded by the family.

The atmosphere of the home allows employees to actively participate in various tasks, such as "failure of the chemical composition of the electric furnace", "safety and quality display of the team", "establishment of quality symposium mechanism", and "establishment of procedures for mutual visits between the upper and lower processes". Management measures are the result of the concerted effort of 36 brothers and sisters in the EAF. These measures constitute the first line of warning for the source of quality control. The annual mass rejection rate of the team was below the target value of 0.02%.

In this way, the electric cooker class gradually realized the management model of “class, school, and home” and created a team atmosphere with "class quality", "school philosophy", and "home culture" to unite team strength and enhance the overall quality of the team, thus supporting The team's quality work place has been effectively carried out, creating the quality control features of the entire team.

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