Tanker welding process

XCMG Chu Sheng tank tank welding process, many users of the tanker certainly want to know how to do the production of tankers, and now for everyone to introduce the next block welding.

Refueling vehicle oil plate welding: The main work is the welding of the oil retaining plate in the cylinder body. Inside the 6M long barrel body, according to the foregoing, three oil retaining plates are generally arranged to divide the barrel into four compartments, each of which blocks the oil. The plate must be intermittently welded with the barrel. If it is a sub-tank, the baffle plate will be changed to the clapboard and continuous welding will be carried out. The length of each girth weld is 6 to 7.5M long according to the preceding paragraph. After half of the welding length is calculated, the total welding length of the station is about 20M, the welding speed is 5mm/s, and the welding time is about 67 minutes, taking into account the poor welding conditions and the differences in the compartment. The delay of welding preparation time for the compartments is about 1 hour and 20 minutes for the multi-segment welding of single-segment cylinders, and 2 stations are required for the calculation of the length of 12M cans. Therefore, consider the side-by-side station as the welding station for the oil baffle plates. .

Tank refueling tank docking: The main work for the tank docking and TIG welding bottoming. If there is no segmentation of the small tank, it can be used as a tank storage station. The docking of the tank body mainly relies on adjusting the position of the roller frame to align the tank body. Therefore, the station length of the two-body body roller rack can be taken into consideration when designing the station. TIG welding speed calculated according to 2.5mm / S, butt joints large 7.5M, takes about 50 minutes, but the docking requirements are higher, more time-consuming, and before docking, we need to polish the groove and clean up the T-slot, so we expect the single Docking takes about 2 hours, so consider a side-by-side double roller station and a 13M long station.

Head installation: The main job is to seal the head and TIG welding. Header alignment and butt welding require special tooling guarantees. The welding speed and workload are the same as those of the above tanks. According to the above TIG welding speed, it is estimated that the head welding will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes, taking into account the head Installation fixtures ensure quick positioning. It is expected that a single tank can be manufactured in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Therefore, consider a side-by-side double roller station, and a 13M long station. Take two cans to work at the same time to ensure the station time. Because the installation of the head is required to lift two sections of the head from two sections, it is necessary to separate the two sections of the station to 2M. The welding of heads and barrels is mainly used for the slewing repair and the cap welding of the tank body rotating frame, the barrel body and the head butt joints. According to the above, the ring joint is calculated from 6 to 7.5M, and the cover welding speed is 5mm/s. It takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. According to experience, to achieve good welding quality, it is necessary to completely eliminate welding defects. And grinding, it is estimated that the grinding time is about 40 minutes, plus the tank hanging on the tank rotating frame, the total time-consuming about 2.5 hours, so consider a tank station. And 13M long position. Take two cans to work at the same time to ensure the station time.

Installation of tank reinforcing plate: It is mainly used for the installation of all reinforcing plates such as the longitudinal reinforcing tape at the bottom of the tank body, the transverse reinforcing tape, and the tube box reinforcing plate. The general tank bottom is provided with two longitudinal long-strength reinforcement bands, the size is about 0.4*12M; each transverse reinforcement plate is about 0.6*0.2M, and there are about 12 in the length range of 12.5M; each tube box support has 2 About 0.1*0.1M reinforcing plate, about 24 tube box brackets, the welding length of each tank is about 80M. Considering that the workpiece is scattered, each reinforcing plate needs to be positioned by scribe, so it is arranged in this station. Three welding machines work at the same time to carry out spot welding of various reinforcing plates.

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