7 big chassis killer hurt your car in varying degrees

Toddler, presumably some old drivers have encountered. When we quickly passed the deceleration zone, the sound of “jingle bells” made all the owners of the car hurt. In fact, there are a lot of chassis killers on the road. Whenever the bottom, the car duang sounds better. If the oil pan, suspension, exhaust pipe and other duang bad, then miserable. Today, the author has listed seven common chassis killers. I hope that owners will pay more attention when they encounter.

Killer 1: Deceleration belt vulnerable parts: the front bumper down extension, exhaust pipe, hanging 7 chassis killer damage to your car in varying degrees to slow down the vehicle is forced to slow down through. However, there is no standard for the deceleration belt design, the height is different, and the shape is not the same. Some are relatively high, plus some owners have no deceleration with the deceleration of the habit, it is very attractive. In general, front bumpers and exhaust pipes are easier to pick up.

Coping method: Slow down so that the general speed bump can pass safely unless your chassis is too low. Click to see how to go over the deceleration zone.

Killer 2: The slopes of the steep slopes are easy to injure parts of the slope: front bumpers, exhaust pipes, tie rods, etc. All of you must have walked through particularly steep slopes. If the chassis is relatively low, it is easy to reach the bottom when you reach the top of the slope. In the case of steep slopes, it is also necessary to pay attention because the front bumper of the car is relatively prominent. If it is slightly slower when it reaches the bottom of the slope, it is easy to directly hit the ground.

Coping method: You can slope uphill and downhill, that is, the unilateral front wheel first hits the slope or the top of the hill.

Killer 3: Get on the wrong side of the road Luzi parts: the front bumper, tire wall, hanging 7 chassis killer to hurt your car to varying degrees not only easy to put the end of the car, but also easy to scratch the tire wall, causing the tire to bulge or burst The fetus also has some damage to the suspension.

How to deal with it: If you don't go to the road, if you want to get on the road, you should let the underside of the tire face the road and don't let the side of the tire hit the road.

Killer IV: bricks and other foreign bodies vulnerable to injury parts: oil pan, hanging, exhaust pipe surface often encounter foreign objects, such as large trucks left over stones, bricks, etc., if these foreign objects hit the chassis, then it may be It will suffer.

How to deal with it: Pay attention to the road surface while driving and find that the foreign object decelerates and detours in advance.

Killer Five: Muddy road vulnerable parts: the front bumper, hanging 7 chassis killer to hurt your car to varying degrees on the muddy road to drive, the road is rolling up the raised, the car is bound to go on such a road will certainly The bottom, if the mud is just wrapped in fast stones, will certainly hurt the front bumper, chassis.

Responsiveness: Choose to go around and you can't open it slowly. Try to get the tires to roll over those raised muds.

Killer 6: Void vulnerable areas: The front bumper, tires, and the pits, dents, and trenches on which the vehicle passes through the road surface will also be undercarriage. The most important thing is damage to the tires. Possible direct tire puncture.

Responsiveness: Choose to walk around. If you can't observe the road surface, pay attention to avoiding it.

Hitman 7: The sewer without a manhole is vulnerable to injury: the tires, front bumpers, and tires are surrounded by 7 large chassis. The killer hurts you in varying degrees. If you don't have a sewer pipe, then the damage to the car will be great. The tires have caved in and will not come out at half past one.

Countermeasures: Watch the road while driving and find that the pit decelerates in advance.

Other methods to deal with the undercarriage 1. Installation of engine guard The engine guard can effectively protect the engine from being scratched. It is not available in all models, but there is no option to install one.

2. Spraying armored chassis The armored chassis armor is a layer of elastic sealing material, which can effectively prevent the road stone from hitting the chassis and slightly supporting the bottom.

The master concluded that the chassis is the three major parts of the car, and that there are many components on the top of the car. The stability of the car is very important. Look at China's complex road environment, there are many road traps above, these will often become the chassis killer, if the driver's negligence for the moment, at least if the car feels distressed, it should be distressed money. Money is a trivial matter. If you leave a hidden danger, it will also affect traffic safety.

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