World's first hydrogen fuel hybrid electric car off the assembly line

Xinhua News Agency, Hebei, China, April 27 Reporter Lei Hanfa and correspondent Chang Yunliang reported that the world's first commercial fuel cell / ultracapacitor hybrid 100% low-floor modern one of the "12th Five- Tram, on the 27th in the car Tangshan company off the assembly line.

According to reports, these commercial trams using multiple sets of fuel cells, multiple sets of energy storage system design, start fast, safe and reliable. A fast hydrogenation takes only 15 minutes, sustainable driving more than 40 kilometers, the maximum operating speed of 70 km. The vehicle utilizes the supercapacitor's high-power charge-discharge characteristics, with the fuel cell start-up acceleration, high energy density fuel cell as the traction power supply, the highest speed continuous operation. Vehicle braking, stop, by the fuel cell and brake energy recovery system for the super capacitor and battery charging, braking energy recovery rate of up to 30%. Vehicle storage, provided by the battery vehicle control, lighting and communications required power. The fuel cell hybrid tramcar across the board operation of the contactless network does not affect the urban landscape, there is no need to set up charging stations along the short duration, non-polluting, zero emissions, the overall line construction costs than the third rail and energy storage rail Tram savings of more than 30 million yuan per kilometer, economic and reliable, low maintenance costs, the future is the new choice of urban rail transit.

The fuel cell hybrid electric tram train with 2 moving 1 drag 3 groups, the maximum capacity of 336 passengers. Vehicle curve through the ability to set up a wireless Wi-Fi network system and wireless data transmission system. Tangshan Motor Co., Ltd. made a completely new design for power system and complete vehicle, reached world-class level in vehicle control, energy-saving and safety technologies, and declared more than 50 invention patents in China.

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