FAW Xicui Aowei Power to occupy the Shandong market

In the first quarter of this year, FAW Liberated Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory Aowei 11 liters, and sales exceeded 3,000 units in Shandong alone. This is a gratifying achievement that the company achieved with its accurate market positioning, strong marketing network and excellent product quality.

FAW Xicui Aowei heavy truck has won large orders

As the heart of the liberation heavy truck, the Xichai Aowei engine has the common capability of compound road conditions such as high-speed, flat road, and mountainous area. It fully meets the needs of users for the car. In particular, the Xichai Aowei engine adopts the world's most advanced four-valve overhead. Camshaft structure and unique FCCT combustion control technology ensure adequate air supply and adequate atomization of fuel; the best amount of fuel is injected at the optimal timing and space in the best combustion chamber to achieve complete combustion. It has achieved a dynamic and fuel-efficient engine, which has helped Aowei's products to establish a strong and consistent market structure.

According to the person in charge of Shandong Dongying Ocean Logistics Co., Ltd., the electronic fuel injection technology of Xichai Aowei used in the liberation of the JH6 heavy truck was intelligently controlled by the engine ECU to make the fuel more fully burned. Under the premise of meeting the national emission regulations, urea was used. The consumption has been reduced to a minimum, saving only a few tens of thousands of dollars a year in fuel-saving and urea-producing costs, which brings tangible benefits to users. To this end, after repeated investigations, Dongying Ocean “big deal” purchased 100 Xichai Alibaba liberation JH6 heavy truck.

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