Composition and Application of E Type 3P Jointless Slide Wire Collector

E-type 3P jointless slide conductor collector is the main device for picking up electrical energy on the collector side of the trolley wire system. It slides the collector brush to the guide rail and conducts the electrical energy directly to the electrical appliance, thereby realizing the movement of the system. powered by. Slide wire collector is composed of two parts, the tension device of the mechanical structure and the collector brush that directly contacts the guide rail. Slide wire collector, power receiver, power supply, conductor,. Multi-pole trolley wire collector, single-pole trolley wire collector, single-pole row trolley wire collector, combined slide collector. (Industry: trolley wire, slide wire, slide wire, sliding contact transmission power supply)

The safety slip conductor collector consists of a shoe piece, a boot box, a spring, a current collector bracket, and a current collector support part. Current collectors are divided into heavy current collectors and light current collectors. Light current collectors or heavy current collectors are selected according to the current of the trolley line. Generally, the trolley line current is less than or equal to 500 A. Light collectors can be used; It is necessary to use heavy-duty collectors.

When selecting the safe trolley wire collector, the preferred collector is preferably a manufacturer that considers matching with the trolley wire. Do not use the collector indiscriminately, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the trolley and severely burn the trolley wire. The shoe piece on the collector is made of copper-containing carbon. After the purchase, the anastomosis with the slide wire is checked. Since the current collector itself is a consumable product, the long-term use will wear out the shoe piece, so it is necessary to regularly check the degree of wear of the upper piece of the current collector and periodically replace it.
E type 3P jointless slide wire collector

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