How to repair a bubble truck

With the advent of the summer rainy season, flooding occurred in many places, resulting in many cars becoming soaking cars. Today Xiao Bian talked about how to repair the water tanker.

Foam moisture is in three states:

1, the water to the chair (excluding) below

2, the water to the chair (inclusive) above, dashboard (excluding) below

3, the water to the chair (inclusive) to the instrument panel (including)

4 , the water surface above the instrument panel


The last state is basically maintenance-free, too costly and the process is cumbersome. As for the first three types of maintenance processes, I would like to tell you about it.

1. Bodywork: Be sure to pull the car out for the first time. Don't soak in the water. Because the rainwater after mixing is very corrosive, it will affect the electrical function, especially affect the future use. Lift the seat and carpet first, because the seat and carpet have a musty odor after being dirty. Open the drain hole, drain the car's water, clean it, and generally disinfect it, preferably in the sun. In addition, one hour of air conditioning is also required to drain the car's moisture.

2, Engine: Do not attempt to start the engine or turn, drag the maintenance of plant dismantling cleaned as soon as possible, the disposal of the vehicle engine needs all the spark plug removal, finally made cylinder pressure test, usually in the range of 900kPa to 1100kPa pressure cylinder gasoline engine . If there is a cylinder pressure difference is too large, the engine needs to be disassembled for maintenance. Possible problems may be:

1. The deformation of the engine side rod results in a shortened piston stroke and the gas cannot be fully compressed. 2. The piston ring loses its elasticity or is not sealed and leaks. Compress the gas string into the crankcase.

3. When the intake and exhaust valves are closed, they are not sealed, causing the compressed gas to leak into the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold.

3 , gearbox: After dismantling, cleaning inside the oil, valve plate, friction plate, converter, it is best to send the transmission to a professional automatic transmission repair factory for cleaning, testing and maintenance. Replace transmission oil, friction plates and check valves, and gearbox repair kits. All finished whole, with Mondeo, for example, about 2000--12000 yuan.

4. Harness: It is better to replace all the wiring harnesses that have been soaked for a few days, including electric components such as electric motors, audio systems, air-conditioning control panels, and ABS rods. If it does not change, it needs to be washed and dried to do rust-proof lubrication. But it's better to change it. Many models of the wiring harness needs to replace all cost about 10,000 yuan.

5 , driving computer: engine computer, gearbox computer, airbag computer, ABS computer, audio computer, air conditioning computer and keyless module and door module, according to the car's design, engine, airbag, gearbox, body computer and other computers The module will be replaced if it is over-water, and there is no room for negotiation. Some modules need to replace about 30,000 yuan.

Xiao Bian reminds everyone that snorkeling vehicles are not only inconvenient to repair but also cost is not small. There are also hidden dangers, if conditions allow or change a car.

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