How to buy the most cost-effective vehicle insurance

Auto insurance is an indispensable guarantee for car owners. When it comes to buying insurance, many car owners will ask how to buy the best deal. Xiao Bian gave you today how to buy is the most cost-effective. Avoid some car owners to save money.

Car insurance in order of importance are divided into two basic insurance and additional insurance, basic insurance in car There are two basic types of insurance: vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance. Additional risks are: the entire vehicle pilfer, car liability insurance, glass breakage alone, spontaneous loss of insurance, excluding special insurance deductible ??? there are a few precautions and a few tips:

1. Third party liability insurance is mandatory is also a necessary, if not cast the insured vehicle is unable to pass the annual inspection.

2. Vehicle loss insurance is the basis of additional insurance. Only the insurance against vehicle damage can guarantee other additional risks.

3. With additional risks, the owner can choose according to his own situation:

For example: If your car is parked in a relatively reliable and secure parking lot during daily use, there is nothing particularly rare on the way to and from work.

On the quiet road section, you can consider not to rob theft (but if your car belongs to a very common vehicle with a relatively high loss rate, it must be robbed of emergency). If your car is very cheap, then the glass insurance premium may reach 30% to 40% of the price of the windshield itself. It is not worthwhile. Therefore, you may consider giving up glass insurance. Another example is your car is a new car , so the chance of spontaneous combustion is very low, you can consider not guaranteed.

4. Excluding exemption insurance, we recommend that we must ensure that, otherwise, once we are out of danger, the insurance company will only pay up to 80% of the total loss.

5. It should also be noted that many insurance companies now calculate rates based on different models, and some older or older models may have higher rates.


According to different situations, experts recommend insurance combinations of different types of insurance, which are generally divided into the following four types:

1.Comprehensive type: Traffic Insurance + Commercial Three-Insurance Insurance (300,000 yuan) + Vehicle Damage Insurance + Vehicle Personnel Liability Insurance + Robbery Emergency Insurance + Glass Individual Breakage Insurance + Excluding Freedom Payment Special Contract + Body Scratch Loss Insurance. Suitable for new drivers and owners who need comprehensive protection.

2. Conventional type: Strong Traffic Insurance + Commercial Three-Insurance Insurance (200,000 yuan) + Vehicle Damage Insurance + Vehicle Personnel Liability Insurance + Pirate Emergency Insurance + Excluding Rebates. It is suitable for owners who are willing to take some risks themselves.

3. Economic type: Traffic Insurance + Commercial Three-Insurance Insurance (10 million yuan) + Vehicle Damage Insurance + Excluding Relief. Applicable to owners who use vehicles for a long time and are willing to take most of the risks themselves.

4. Risk-based: only purchase compulsory insurance. The TAC Insurance only pays compensation to the third party (injured party) in the accident. The maximum compensation for personal injury is 110,000 yuan, hospitalization is 10,000 yuan, and property loss is 2,000 yuan. Insurance experts generally do not recommend this option.

The owner can choose the type of insurance according to his own habits of the car, the driving age of the driver and the model.

The four processes that you must know to purchase vehicle insurance:

The first step: choose car insurance company

At present, there are many domestic insurance companies operating automobile insurance business. However, the quotes of various insurance companies are almost the same, because the basic terms, rates, and policies of the insurance companies are basically the same. Therefore, when buying, it is mainly to compare various additional insurance and indemnity claims services. Therefore, the relatively loose conditions of claims, faster claims processing, and thoughtful services are the aspects that are preferred by insurance companies.

The second step: choose the insurance method

Indirect insurance generally saves a considerable amount of money. The methods of direct insurance include online insurance, telephone insurance, and insurance company network insurance.

Although the company offers different preferences, it can generally save about 15%. Among them, online car insurance is the most suitable method. Online insurance protection is at a glance. Self-service operation is very suitable for the public.

Step 3: Consulting with an Agent or Website

If you are unfamiliar with insurance terms, it may be a good idea to find an agent to insure. In this regard, it is mainly necessary to consider whether the agent has professional knowledge and whether the service is patient and thoughtful. In fact, the quicker way is to choose online insurance, which can also realize the quickness of consulting while insured and easily obtain the knowledge you need.

Step 4: Choose the right insurance

Insurance does not buy as much as possible, because buying more insurance means spending more. Therefore, the purchase of auto insurance also depends on its own circumstances, so that it will be more affordable.

In addition to the compulsory compulsory insurance purchased by the state, there are some types of insurance that are commonly used and necessary, such as the third liability insurance and the on-board personnel liability insurance. Three-responsibility insurance is a supplement to compulsory insurance, because compulsory insurance is compulsory insurance, and the amount of insurance is low, generally not enough to make up for the loss.

In-vehicle personnel liability insurance refers to the accidental accidents during the insurance period that the insured person or his authorized legal driver accidentally uses the insurance vehicle, resulting in casualties on board the vehicle. The insured must bear economic compensation liability according to law. The company is responsible for compensation according to the provisions of this contract.

For car owners who like to drive by car, it is necessary to buy a car personnel liability insurance. There are also some smaller types of insurance, such as separate glass breakage insurance, vehicle body scratch damage insurance, etc., the owner can decide whether to purchase according to their own driving conditions.

I hope you can spend less money by reading this article.

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