Three minutes to teach you to identify the bubble car, can not see the wall

Over the past few days, many rounds of heavy rains have been seen in various parts of the country, and various regions have opened up to see the sea model. Everyone on the Internet also read a lot of photos of the flooded garages. Every year in the rainy season there are always some vehicles flooded across the country. How to deal with the damaged vehicles, where the vehicles flow, it is better to grasp some of the skills to identify the water tanker, the following teach you how to identify the car is not a water tanker.


Soaking water vehicles refer to vehicles that have been immersed in water. They are generally guided by water bubbles. The depth of flooding exceeds 1/3 of the wheels, and the vehicle body at the bottom of the vehicle body is in contact with the water for a long time. This kind of vehicle has a large risk factor. Compared with the accident car, soaking car is not so easy to distinguish, especially after cleaning, through the appearance is not easy to distinguish. Listed below are some tips on how to identify the swill car.

The first is that you can smell the smell. The car that has soaked in the water has a musty smell. Even if it is cleaned, it will produce a musty smell. Even if it is cleaned with water, some crevices will leave some silt. .

Second: look at the interior, the carpet and weaving parts in the car are soaked, flatness and smoothness are not as good as the original, the base of the cigarette lighter, handbrake and the base of the stopper and other metal materials may rust . We must remember that regardless of the type of material seat, the material will be relatively rigid after entering the water, and the hardware and software will be uneven. Everyone here should pay attention to it. If the seat is flooded, it means that many lines in the car are flooded.


Third: The center console must check, the best way is to check if the function keys are normal, if there is a difference in the feel, if there is a liquid crystal display in the car, you can observe whether the brightness is different. If the center console is flooding to buy such a car, it is dangerous.

Fourth: Many people prefer to open the engine cover to see the interior and listen to the sound whether it is picking a new car or a used car. For soaking cars, even if the engine is repaired, it is difficult to judge the problem by sound. Even if some of the oil enters the water, there will be no problem after all maintenance. What we can do is judge the problem with some details. For example: If the age of the vehicle is relatively long and the engine compartment is very clean, then you should pay attention to the accumulation of silt in the tank. In addition, the fireproof layer on the inner side of the engine is also not easy to make hands and feet, because the components are arranged in a dense, fireproof layer is located in the innermost, if there is flooding, it is easy to leave marks, and due to location constraints, not Easy to replace.

Fifth: Raising the car to check the chassis is also very intuitive, but this condition is difficult to achieve. The most intuitive way to check the chassis is to see if the chassis is rusty. Different from the ordinary car being eroded by water, the chassis of the water soaking car is flooded for a long time and the corrosion is more obvious, and the position of the exhaust pipe is obviously rusted. General bubble car insurance claims will be through, find insurance records is also an essential step.

The satisfaction of the above must be no doubt a soaking car. These vehicles that have been immersed in water for a long time have hidden troubles. The swill trucks are considered scrapped abroad, and the main circuit faults cannot be completely repaired. They may turn off during driving, and the brakes may malfunction and the meters may go out. No matter how the water tanker is repaired, serious problems will remain. This is like a watch falling into the water. Even if it is opened and blown dry, the watch still malfunctions and cannot be completely repaired.

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