How to identify difficult accident used cars

In the last issue, we talked about some simple ways to identify accidental used cars. We must have known about the appearance and methods of identifying used cars. Today we teach you how to identify high-accident accidents. We hope to help. The owner of the car on the driveway.


Not everyone has the unique ability to identify accidental used cars, especially for newcomers who will be buying cars. For this problem, Xiao Bian also visited a number of vehicle inspection agencies and some 4S stores. In fact, the most primitive method is to check the vehicle racks, especially for novice owners.

Although this method is simple, it has the bad point that the maintenance experience of the workers must be excellent. The following Xiao Bian talked about it for everyone.

For the problem of how to distinguish used vehicles with difficult accidents, we know that some professional 4S shops and used car factories have introduced some instruments to solve them. Its advantage is that data measurements can be made at more than a dozen locations on the chassis of the vehicle at the same time. The data is then compared with the original data of the vehicle, and then it can be determined whether the structural components of the car have been repaired. In particular, what kind of B-pillar repair vehicle method was used in the past is overshadowed by this new type of technology.

Second, Xiao Bian also learned that this instrument will be updated from time to time. At present it can cover more than 95 percent of vehicles. Its coverage rate for our domestic vehicles is 70%. The reason is that domestic vehicles are of an elongated type, so it is inevitable that there will be errors in the data.

In addition, we also need to learn to identify used car "table watch car"

I believe many of my friends are particularly concerned with dial-watching vehicles. We have already talked with everyone before. If we really don’t understand some professional people who can consult and professionally repair vehicles, I believe they will give us better insights. I believe that after the above understanding, we will have a certain understanding of the second-hand accident car. If there are other people who do not understand, we can always pay attention to our official website.

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