Anhui Swiping Wing Gate Technology Application

Anhui Swiping Wing Gate is an upgraded product of the intelligent three-roll gate and swing gate. The device's shape is stamped and formed of stainless steel. The model is elegant in appearance, rust-proof and durable, and it adopts standard electrical interfaces for external use. Widely favored by the vast consumer market.

The following briefly describes the product features of Smart Wing Gate. Take a look at how this wing gate attracts consumers' attention.

1). Wing gate fault self-test and alarm prompts, user-friendly maintenance and use;

2). Wing gate with power off automatically opens, incoming calls self-check and automatically recovers in the locked state 3). Wing gate has a variety of work modes to choose from, you can read cards in both directions, you can also read cards in the other direction Banned,

While reading the card and the other direction is free, one-way or two-way infrared sensors can also be used. After the pedestrian passes the infrared sensor, the gate can be closed, and the working mode of the gate can be set through the main board menu.

4). When a pedestrian reads a valid cartoon line, the infrared detection of pedestrians automatically closes the wing gate or the pedestrian delays the closing of the wing gate after passing through.

Delay 1-60 seconds can be set by the motherboard menu.

5). Wing gate with automatic reset function. After the valid card is read, when the passer is not in the prescribed time,

The system will automatically cancel the passer's current access rights, and the limited travel time can be set by the management staff.

6). If a pedestrian forgets to read a card or read an invalid card to enter the channel, the system will prohibit pedestrians from passing and will issue an alarm.

Until the pedestrian exits the aisle, the alarm is lifted; re-reading the valid card allows the passage;

7). Anhui Swipe Wing Gate has 485 remote control to open the wing gate and close the wing gate to meet the special needs of users and fire safety requirements.

8). Anti-knock function, the telescopic arm automatically locks when no open wing gate signal is received;

9). Infrared/mechanical dual anti-clamping function, when pedestrians pass, infrared detects that there is a pedestrian in the middle, the telescopic arm does not close the wing gate,

After the pedestrian walks away, the telescopic arm automatically closes, and when the telescopic arm is depressed,

Automatically rebound or within a specified period of time the motor automatically stops working, and the intensity is very small, while emitting an audible and visual alarm signal;

10). Having a uniform and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing equipments to facilitate system integration.

And can achieve remote control and management through the management computer.

11). Wing gates can automatically count the number of people in the direction of travel, and present them to the administrator in an intuitive LED format, enabling managers to know the number of people in a certain direction.

12). Have a clear traffic direction indication function, with an intuitive LED passer indication can pass or prohibit the passage.

13). With read cassette memory and no memory function, and the user can set the motherboard keyboard according to their own needs.

14). Through software settings, the total number of people within the site can be limited to meet special requirements for special occasions.

15). The entire wing gate system operates smoothly with low noise.

Remarks: Combining relevant intelligent control systems can realize functions such as intelligent access control, intelligent attendance, and intelligent charging.

Anhui Linbo Intelligent Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. provides three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, and pedestrian access gates to continuously innovate and create maximum value for customers. Customers are welcome to purchase our products.

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