Product Excellence and Ascending China's Top 100 Enterprises in Shaanxi Province

A few days ago, the “2016 Shaanxi Top 100 Enterprises” list was unveiled. Fast again became famous, which fully demonstrated the important position of the company in local economic and social construction in Shaanxi Province.
Fast Transmission Fast Transmission

Under the new economic normal conditions, Fast relies on independent innovation and scientific and technological progress to fully develop new products, concentrate on expanding the market, improve quality and efficiency, strengthen management and reduce costs, and production and operation continue to maintain industry leading advantages. The list of "Top 100 Enterprises in Shaanxi Province" was highly praised by the provincial government for giving Fast to play an important role in local economic development in Shaanxi Province.

The selection of Shaanxi Top 100 Enterprises was based on provincial government instructions and the Shaanxi Provincial Entrepreneurs Association took the lead from 2012 onwards. In accordance with the international prevailing sorting principle, the activity will be based on the ranking of China's top 500 companies, and will be based on the company's annual operating income, and will be ranked on the basis of self-declaration by enterprises, and will be generated after being verified by the Shaanxi Provincial Top 100 Enterprise Review Committee. The total revenue of Shaanxi Top 100 Enterprises in 2016 was 1,476 billion yuan, which is equivalent to 81.22% of Shaanxi's GDP of 187.2 billion yuan in 2015.

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