·Sakura all-steel passenger car tires increased by 30% against the trend

Recently, Zhengxin Xiamen Group held the 2016 Annual Distributors Meeting of Sakura Tire.

It is understood that in 2016, as a high-end brand of Zhengxin Xiamen, the cherry blossom all-steel truck and bus tires went against the trend, and sales increased by 30% over the same period of the previous year.

Chen Xiuxiong, Chairman of Zhengxin Xiamen Group, delivered a speech at the conference

At the annual meeting venue, Dr. Xu Zhiming, deputy general manager of Zhengxin Xiamen Group, said that the company's resource investment and market strategy for the cherry brand will be planned in an orderly manner according to the development strategy, and the distributors and channel customers will be managed sustainably. profit.

Chen Yifang, the sales director of Sakura Brand, introduced the strategic planning of the cherry blossom brand to the general dealers, and made a targeted report on brand building and promotion in 2016.

In 2016, Sakura Tire launched a number of marketing activities, such as “I am a market research expert” to improve the professional level of sales staff; “Top Ten Cherry Blossoms” to improve the image and service of retail stores.

Sakura Tire has positioned 2017 as a key year. It plans to carry out channel work in many aspects, from optimizing product structure, improving technical service capabilities of sales channels, improving management capabilities of major customers, and strengthening technical service training.

The brand's key sales channels now exceed 2,000.

At the conference, Sakura Tire commended the outstanding distributors and officially released the “Fine 'Sakura' Member Club” function realized by the official Sakura WeChat platform.

Sakura tires were born in 1996 and now have bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, bias tires, all-steel truck tires and other product lines.

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