Analysis: Four factors favored by grain drying equipment

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] With the popularity of harvesters, the problem of harvesting food has been fundamentally solved, but the problem of grain drying has become increasingly prominent. In the domestic grain producing areas, most farmers' friends are still using the original natural drying method to dry the food. Due to the lack of drying places and uncontrollable climatic factors, the traditional grain drying method can no longer meet the current Agricultural production needs.

Analysis: Four factors favored by grain drying equipment
Compared with the rapidly developing grain mechanization harvest level, the development level of domestic grain dryer equipment needs to be further improved. In recent years, the method of drying food by machine has been widely promoted and applied in China. At the same time, food dryer equipment has received extensive attention and attention from all walks of life in China, especially farmers’ friends. It is favored and added. The main reasons why the community pays so much attention to grain dryers are as follows:
I. Vigorously developing grain dryers is an inevitable requirement for agricultural industrialization and large-scale operation. With the expansion of the scale of agricultural industrialization, the area of ​​farmland farmland has expanded, making the labor and food drying sites relatively insufficient. The emergence of grain dryers has solved these problems and ensured that newly harvested food can be obtained. Timely drying treatment.
Second, the grain dryer can help farmers save food drying costs. Relevant information indicates that a laborer needs 400 yuan for 400 kilograms of grain per day, and if the grain dryer is used to dry 400 kilograms of grain, only 32 yuan is needed, and the comparison is reduced by 3 yuan. Moreover, the grain dried by the grain dryer is better in quality and taste better than the artificially dried food. After the grain is dried by low temperature circulation, the quality can be improved by one grade, and the price is also increased accordingly. In addition, the purchase of grain dryers is more effective than laying the drying yard. A medium-sized rice combine harvester harvests 13.5-22.5 tons of rice per day, such as 2 days of drying. It takes 3,000 square meters of cement to dry the field, investing about 300,000 yuan, and the natural drying is uneven, the loss rate is extremely high, especially the seed germination rate has a greater impact. And buy a medium-sized grain dryer with a daily processing capacity of 100 tons, only need to invest about 270,000 yuan, use this dryer to process the volume of a medium-sized combine harvester in the day, only 230 hours, not only greatly The grain drying efficiency is improved, and it does not occupy the site, and is not affected by the weather. The grain is dry and uniform, the quality is high, and the loss rate is less than one percent.
Third, the grain dryer can effectively improve the quality of food. With the rapid development of the national economy and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the people have put forward higher requirements for the taste and quality of food, especially for rice made from finished rice, which requires a clean appearance, a scent, and viscoelasticity. Good and moderately delicious rice. If the traditional site is turned over and the road is sun-dried, the quality of grain drying cannot be guaranteed. The application of multi-point promotion shows that if the grain dryer is used to dry the grain in time, the requirement for improving the grain quality can be achieved.
Fourth, grain drying mechanization is the need for combined harvesting technology. In recent years, the degree of mechanization of grain harvest has increased rapidly, and the harvest period has been shortened from the previous 15-25 days to 7-10 days, and a large amount of grain has been harvested in a short time. Drying with nature requires a large amount of cement site, which is time-consuming and laborious. If it cannot be dried in time, it will cause food loss. If the grain dryer is used, the newly harvested grain can be dried in time.
The main reasons why grain dryer equipment has received much attention from all walks of life are the above. Accelerating the mechanization of grain drying can greatly reduce the loss of grain storage and reduce transportation losses. It is the main way to ensure a bumper harvest and improve food security. The application of grain dryer also directly affects the grain grade, processing quality and food quality, thus affecting the economic benefits of grain farmers and grain circulation enterprises and people's quality of life, thereby enhancing the enthusiasm of grain and grain traders.

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