Fankou lead-zinc mine tailings cement filling system

Fankou lead zinc mine tailings backfill Scheme 1. The tailings of the system are delimed by a φ500mm cyclone, and then enter a horizontal sand silo with a volume of 450m 3 , and then transported by electric shovel to a screw conveyor to make a 70% mortar. The cement is sent from a 120t cement storage tank to a ф300mm screw conveyor through a ф150mm single-tube screw conveyor, and is made into a cement slurry with a concentration of 50-60%. The mortar and cement slurry are fed into a high-concentration mixing drum of ф1600mm, stirred, and then flowed through the filling line to the well. The production capacity of the system is 60-70 m 3 /h cement mortar.

Figure 1 Fankou mine tailings cement filling preparation facility
1-450m 3 tail sand silo; 2-28kw electric pick-up winch; 3- Ñ„ 300 screw conveyor; 4-pulp water supply pipe;
5-mixing drum ( Ñ„ 1600); 6-filling borehole; 7-120t cement storage; 8- Ñ„ 150 single-tube screw conveyor;
5kw DC speed motor drive; 9- Ñ„ 300 screw conveyor; 10-chutter

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