Gansu Sun Temple silver polymetallic sulfide ore optional report

The purpose of the test is to provide the most reasonable beneficiation method and process flow for the mine through the optional test of ore , and propose the comprehensive recovery of the mineral processing index and associated elements, which can provide the basis for the technical and economic evaluation of the deposit.

Test personnel through a variety of modern research tools to identify the two counties when the sun temple of lead, gold and silver mine should belong to the genetic type, high-temperature hydrothermal polymetallic mine, metal mine minerals are galena, pyrite, tetrahedrite copper ore, chalcopyrite, sphalerite small amount, limonite. Gangue minerals are quartz, sericite, dolomite, iron and the like.

The occurrence state of gold and silver: natural gold is mainly distributed in metal sulfide minerals such as beryllium copper, pyrite or arsenopyrite. Natural silver is mainly distributed in galena and beryllium copper.

The main carrier mineral of gold and silver: gold carrier minerals are beryllium copper, pyrite, limonite or arsenopyrite. The main carrier minerals of silver are beryllium copper and galena.

It can be seen that there are many types of gold and silver carrier minerals, and gold and silver are relatively dispersed. Therefore, the mine is difficult to treat polymetallic sulfide ore.

In order to find a suitable process for the Sun Temple polymetallic mine in Liangdang County, the testers have done a lot of work in the process flow, and finally adopted the two processes of mixed flotation, lead-sulfur separation and preferential flotation.

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