Recovering high-lead tin bronze alloy from industrial waste

Egypt recycled DIN1617 meet specifications bronze alloy fire separation and wet metallurgical process linked. The copper was selectively dissolved with a H 2 O 2 ammonia solution. Lead and tin are leached with hot hydrochloric acid. PbCl 2 was precipitated by cooling. PbCl 2 was converted to PbCO 3 with a sodium carbonate solution. Cu, Pb, and Sn metals are recovered from the leached product by thermal reduction. Pyrometallurgical process further comprises melting a carbon / alkali borate flux at 1150 ~ 1300 ℃, control the number of slag. The results of the recovery efficiency parameters affecting the method studied, such as time, temperature, H 2 O 2 concentration and the chemical ratio of the leaching agent, indicate that the melting of the bronze chips cannot recover the bronze alloy according to the specification, which is due to the thermal evaporation of Sn. And Pb enters the slag. The combination is effective for recovering metals and bronze from debris. H 2 O 2 accelerates the dissolution of metals in the waste. The metal entering the slag is recycled in the same manner. The monomer metal is recovered from the leached product by hydrogen or waste activated carbon thermal reduction. The activation energy of the latter process is 83.6, 12.7 and 51.73kJ∕ mol for Cu, Pb and Sn, respectively. The maximum recovery rate of this law is 98.7 %. Preliminary economic benefit estimates indicate that the law is economically viable.

Aluminum Die Casting For Power Tools

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Aluminum Die Casting For Power Tools production flow:

Mixing→compacting→sintering→resizing→cleaning→vacuum oiling→packing

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Aluminum Die Casting For Power Tools

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