What is the significance of pre-screen maintenance for small pitch LED?

In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic LED display industry, Chinese manufacturers in the field of small-pitch LED display can be described as "dominant," the relevant technology to achieve a higher level. While the distance between the dots is continuously shrinking, the thickness of the screen body is greatly compressed, which is particularly evident in screens with small gaps before maintenance, and its slim screen is greatly welcomed by the market. So, what's the charm of pre-maintenance products?
The charm of science and technology lies in the "complexity and simplicity," and it has a higher integration capability. A typical representative is Steve Jobs's redefinition of mobile phones. The field of LED display screens is also facing similar changes. People see LED screens. They usually associate “large, heavy, and thick” together. Installation and maintenance methods are also performed behind the screen. With the expansion of the application of small-pitch applications, “occupy the place” has become a prominent drawback, and it is imperative to abandon traditional post-maintenance channels.
Post-maintenance small pitch LED display
As the saying goes: "Knowing how difficult it is," it is necessary to design a "pre-maintenance" small-pitch LED display that needs to solve many problems. Some small and medium-sized manufacturers play the "previous maintenance" gimmick, but they do not meet the real meaning of the previous maintenance. standard. In this regard, Sansi did a lot of technical exploration, designed a magnetic pre-complete maintenance program, demolition and maintenance of all positive operations, think of design and manufacture LED creative screen is one of the representatives, the screen is lighter and thinner than similar products, bring A good visual experience.
At present, the small-pitch LED display is entering a period of rapid development. Users pay more attention to the experience and design of the screen, which enables manufacturers to continuously improve the design. The small pitch screen with ease of use and stylish aesthetic is more popular. Small pitch screens are right at the moment.

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