Newly-built car companies have broken through 60 products to become the key to next-generation financing

The constant progress of financing and the amount of financing seem to have become an important way for the new vehicle builders to prove their own strength.

From the past month alone, Weimar Motors has completed a new round of financing with a cumulative amount of over 12 billion yuan; Weilai Automobile has completed a new round of financing of over US$1 billion; Zero-run cars have opened pre-A rounds of financing.

Analysts who declined to be named said in an interview with the "Securities Daily" reporter that the ongoing financing plan on the one hand shows that the new forces are indeed favored by investors. On the other hand, they also show that these companies have an effect on the capital market. rely.

He said that the traditional car companies already have a relatively strong financial strength, but the Internet car companies are not enough financial resources, simply rely on financing to build cars, once the capital chain problems, companies will be very passive.

With the end of 2017, the product plans of the new forces of the manufacturers have gradually become clear. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, Yundu Automobile, electric coffee car and other companies' products have debuted, Weilai Motor, Weimar Automobile are also scheduled to launch the first product this month, most of the company's production plans will be In the next year, one after another.

In response, Cui Dongshu, the secretary-general of the Association of Travel Unions, said that with the intensive launch of new products by Internet-based car makers, it means that the new forces of car manufacturers must begin to truly accept the test of the market.

He mentioned that Internet-based car makers rely heavily on capital. If the products are not accepted by consumers after the launch of the mass-produced cars, and the follow-up funds are difficult to support, some new car manufacturers will “see death.”

Multiple car financing

On the evening of December 5, Weimar Motors announced that it had completed a new round of financing led by Baidu Capital Leading Investment, Baidu Group and others. The follow-up investors included Internet strategic investors such as SIG Hainer Asia and Amoeba and internet financial investment. By.

According to the latest developments learned by the "Securities Daily" reporter, Weimar Motors is currently preparing a new round of financing plans. Tencent will participate in or lead the round of financing, and another well-known VC institution will join.

It is worth noting that according to statistics, as of now, the total financing of Weimar Automobile has exceeded 12 billion yuan. Before that, Weilai Motors also completed a new round of over 1 billion U.S. dollars in financing in early November; the Zero Race car also announced the opening of the pre-A round of financing led by Sequoia Capital China Fund on December 4.

In this regard, Jingwei China founding partner Zhang Ying said that the market is not short of funds, but the funds continue to gather in the head company, as long as the capital recognized specific segments, the industry's top two can get a disproportionate amount of financing .

Corresponding to the frequent financing news, it is the time for the intensive product launches of various Internet companies.

In the "Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Products" (No. 302 batch) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 15, some Internet companies have already appeared on the market. In response to this, Cui Dongshu said that the new products of Internet car makers such as Xiaopeng Automobile and Weilai Automobile are intensively listed in the Announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which means that the Internet car makers must start to really accept the market test.

Product is still the winner

In fact, with the fiery new energy auto industry, the number of new vehicle builders has surged. According to the latest statistical data from Bosch China, at present, China's new car manufacturing enterprises have exceeded 60.

“The newly-built vehicle company ultimately did not die from financial problems but died of the product.” Some insiders pointed out that new car manufacturers are currently flocking, but the final elimination rate may be very alarming. New car companies that can survive in the future may only have 3 homes -4 homes.

Some dealers also said in an interview with the "Securities Daily" reporter that for these emerging manufacturers of cars, it is currently difficult to say who can really grow up and laugh. He said that the product still has to be tested by the market.

“Securities Daily” reporter found out that at present, in the forefront of the Internet-made car companies, Xiaopeng car chose to cooperate with the hippocampus car to solve the problem of vehicle qualification, on October 12, its first batch of 15 production SUV models have been in Zhengzhou. The offline production base in Zhaoqing will be completed and put into production in 2019, with a planned annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles.

Weilai Motors has also signed a cooperation agreement with Jianghuai Automobile. The first Weilai Center has been unveiled recently. Its first model, the ES8, will be announced on December 16 this year.

Weima Motors announced that it will hold a branding conference on December 11th. At that time, its first production car will be officially unveiled. In 2018, it will mass-produce the production line at its Wenzhou smart manufacturing plant. In addition, as early as August of this year, Che He's first light electric vehicle SEV has been rolled out at its first production base in Changzhou.

From this we can see that in the coming 2018, the pace of mass production of internet car makers will further accelerate.

In response, the above analysts said that Internet-based vehicle-building companies are more dependent on capital. At the beginning of new product launches, the inadequacies are easily magnified indefinitely, which is likely to have an adverse impact on its next-generation financing. Therefore, in his view, after the products are gradually landed, the fate of the new carmakers may become more clear.

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