The company held an electro-hydraulic servo proportional valve and other provincial-level new product appraisal and acceptance meeting

On December 23, the Jining City Economic and Information Technology Committee and the Jining Science and Technology Bureau presided over the company's 2014 provincial new product appraisal and acceptance meeting. The acceptance group consists of well-known experts and professors from universities, industries, research institutes and other units. At the meeting, five new products such as electro-hydraulic servo proportional valves and high-frequency direct-acting servo proportional directional valves developed by the company were identified and accepted. Experts at the meeting listened carefully to work reports, technical reports, test reports, new reports, and benefit analysis reports. They also conducted on-site inspections, and formed the identification (acceptance) opinion after careful discussion and careful discussion. The expert group unanimously held that the new products and projects submitted for appraisal and acceptance have high technical content, prominent innovation points, reasonable product structure, and the technical level has reached the international advanced level. The company has always attached importance to technological innovation and placed technological innovation at the top of the company's innovative work. The successful holding of the appraisal meeting laid a solid foundation for further improving our independent innovation capability, enriching our product structure and enhancing our core competitiveness.

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