Ministry of Agriculture: Fishing Port Management Plays an Important Role in the Construction of “Safe Fisheries”

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] This website news on December 5, the Ministry of Agriculture held a national fishing port supervision and safety production work symposium, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, report and exchange the national fishery safety production inspection, summary review Supervision and management of fishing ports, research and explore the fishery supervision and management work based on fishing ports in the new era.
The meeting pointed out that the fishing port is an important place for fishermen to produce and live. It is an important base for fishing vessels to shelter from the wind. It plays an important role in the production management of fishing boats and fisheries, the construction of “safe fishing” and the economic and social development of fishing areas. Since the beginning of this year, the local fishery authorities and the fishery and fishery port supervision and management institutions have intensified their efforts and paid close attention to the implementation of management measures, which have greatly protected the lives and property of fishermen.
The meeting emphasized that in the new historical period, the fishery authorities at all levels and the fishing port management agencies should promote the structural reform of the fishery supply side as the main line, and focus on the transformation of the structure to promote transformation, in order to improve quality and efficiency, reduce income and increase income, and green. With the goal of developing and affluent fishermen, we will promote green, safe, integrated, open and standardized development, promote ecological restoration of waters, promote the revitalization of fishing ports and fisheries, and promote the formation of a new pattern of industrial optimization, product, resource conservation and environmentally friendly fisheries development, and accelerate the modernization of construction. A strong fishing industry. To promote the revitalization of fishing port fishing villages, the key point is to give full play to the special key role of fishing ports in fishery resource management, safety supervision, industrial prosperity and revitalization of fishing areas. The main focus of fishing port management is to continuously expand the new functions of fishing ports and promote The integration of secondary and tertiary industries will enable the development of a beautiful and prosperous new fishing port economic zone based on Hong Kong's management of fisheries, fishing in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong. (Original title: The Ministry of Agriculture deploys fishing port management and fishery safety production in the new period)

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