Solenoid Valve Normally Closed (SLP SERIES)

  • Model NO.: SLP SERIES
  • Type: Pilot Operated
  • Power Supply: AC & DC Solenoid Valve
  • Slp Series: 1/8′′--1/2′′
  • Specification: ISO & TUV & CE
  • HS Code: 8481804090
  • Connection Form: Thread
  • Valve Structure: Directing Acting Structure
  • Application: Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage
  • Trademark: SANLIXIN
  • Origin: Yuyao, Zhejiang, China
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Solenoid Valve Normally Closed (SLP SERIES)

SLP Series 2/2-way Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve. Normally Closed
Body Material: Forged Brass\Stainless Steel
Orifice: 3mm~6mm
Pipe Size: 1/8"~1/2"
Fluid Media: Water\Hot Water\Air\Gas\Oil etc.

Solenoid Valve Normally Closed (SLP SERIES)
Solenoid Valve Normally Closed (SLP SERIES)

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1. Time-saving and labor-saving: It only takes 7-10 minutes per acre to use this machine to fight medicine, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and avoids the inconveniences of the old medicine pump, such as large water demand, long medicine tube, and multiple people to operate;
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4. Protect the health of the body: the machine is best to spray medicine in the morning and evening when there is no wind / breeze, to avoid the old medicine pump must spray medicine on hot days, people are prone to sweating and poisoning;
5. Warming and anti-freezing: When fruit trees germinate and bloom in spring, after adding aerosol to the machine, spraying smoke can raise the temperature to prevent frozen flowers and frozen fruits and reduce losses;
6. Wide area without dead corners: when killing insects and sterilizing, it has strong penetration, comprehensive and efficient, no dead corners.

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