Mini Small Concrete Batch Mixer

  • Model NO.: ZY-10
  • Shotcrete Type: Wet
  • Structure: Cylinder Type
  • Feeding Height: 1600
  • Certification: ISO9001: 2000
  • Color: White
  • Specification: 6700*2350*2700MM
  • HS Code: 87054000
  • Type: Concrete Mixer
  • Machining Process: Hydraulic
  • Productivity: 150㎡/h
  • Vibrating Amplitude: 1.4mm
  • Condition: New
  • Trademark: ZY
  • Origin: Qingdao
4.0cbm Automatic weighing concrete mixer truck with 4-wheel steering
4.0m3 (rotating) Concrete Mixer Truck
Diesel engine
Model SanyD03
  Total displacement cylinder number 4330ml--4 cylinder inline
  Injection Direct injection ,mechanical control
  Cooling system Water--cooling,Dry air filter
  Max power 75kw (102 hp)
  Max torque 390nm@2800 r\ minute
Electrical system Alternator 28V--1500WA  (53.5A)
  Battery 2*12V--60AH (272A)
  Road Lighting System  
Steering System: 2 wheel steering, the steering is assisted by a double displacement load-sensing power steering system on 2 steering wheels  
4*4 Four-wheel drive
Hydraulic torque converter,open hydraulic gear pump,reverse gear control device.Control "working speed"and "moving speed"  
  3 forward gears                     2 reverse gears
  The first gear:   0--7km\hour         0--7km\hour
  The second gear: 7--20km\hour       7--20km\hour
  The third gear: 20-25km\hour  
Front axle, steering , Wheel side deceleration Axle, the axle is equipped with a planet reduction gear  
  Rear axle ,Swing (  ± 28° ) , the axle is equipped with a planet reduction gear  
Tires Tyre:16-70-20PR, max load: 5150kg,450kPa,    
The internal hub-type travel brakes and emergency brakes act on 4 wheels,using a small servo pump on the dual loop.Negative pressure type parking brake, the front axle is equipped with an internal hub.  
Water Supply System "Self-priming" 24v large capacity pump,with fast absorption function.  
  Max flow: 90L\minute
  Two water tanks connected with each other and opposite layout, Total capacity 2*410L
  The water intake of the cylinder is controlled by the electromagnetic flow meter and the water intake reading on the display screen of the operating water.  
  Sit on the side of the driver's seat to enable the pump  
  Equipped with high pressure pump to flush vehicle  
Mixing And Unloading
Double cone cylinder with double spiral stirring screw and middle convex bottom  
  Drum geometric capacity: 6100L
  Drum rotation speed: 15r\minute
  Concrete Production: 4.0cbm\tank
  The counterforce rack mounted on the ball saddle can be hydraulically rotated at 180 o and automatically locked by a hydraulic brake  
  The rotation of the roller is achieved by the cycloidal hydraulic motor of the open circuit of the gear pump.  
  The roller is raised to a horizontal position by 2 double acting jacks  
  Removable chute can be guaranteed to be unloaded directly through the hopper. It can rotate at 180 o , but can not be synchronized with the tilting operation of the mixing drum  
  Removable chute can be guaranteed to be unloaded directly through the hopper.  
  As a standard configuration , 2 chute extensions are provided.  
Equipment Hydraulic System
Gear Pump: PERMCO Brand
  Maximum Flow: 63\50L\minute
  Maximum Pressure: 16MPa
  3 handle multi-function joystick  
  Aluminum heat exchanger for cooling hydraulic oil  
  Open oil inlet,hydraulic oil filter can be replaced from outside  
Load The loading arm is equipped with an automatic weighing sensor, a double acting loader lifting and resetting the cylinder, manual control of the feed port has a standard prompt function  
  Capacity: 700L
  Be filled with 6 times  
Operating Room Closed operating room with heating\cooling system inclined front window.  
  Humanized seat with flexible suspension and height adjustment function  
Maintenance filler Fuel tank: 135L
  Total capacity of hydraulic system: 240L
  Machine oil: 16L
Operating weight: 8800kg
  Maximum  total weight: 18400kg
  Maximum  load weight: 9600kg
Overall dimension 8200*2900*3550mm

Mini Small Concrete Batch Mixer

Mini Small Concrete Batch Mixer
Mini Small Concrete Batch Mixer


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