2015 World's Top 100 Automotive Suppliers Ranked Bosch

The 2015 edition of the top 100 auto parts suppliers in the world. The top three are Bosch , Magna and the mainland; Japan has the largest number of companies, reaching 30; Yanfeng is the 26th, setting the best score for Chinese companies.

List overview

The "United States Auto News" is ranked annually based on the supplier's operating income/sales of the automotive market in the previous year. According to the 2014 results, in 2015, the global supplier list of component suppliers was launched. The German Robert Bosch Group ranked first in the list for the fifth consecutive year. Compared with recent years, the top three of the list have undergone major changes. Magna beats the mainland and the runner-up in second place, but Denso fell from second to second because supporting revenue fell by nearly 10%. fourth. The mainland has risen from the fourth to the third in the previous year.

List of Top 100 Automobile Suppliers in 2015

In the top ten, No. 5 to No. 10 were: Aisin Seiki, Hyundai Mobis, Foglia, Johnson Controls, ZF and Lear. The six companies are all ranked in the same position as last year.

Compared with the 2014 list, the ranking of 50 companies in the 2015 list declined, accounting for just 50% of the total. The 14 companies were ranked in the same position as last year. 29 rankings rose. Seven new companies, namely, ThyssenKrupp, Yanfeng Automotive Interior Systems, Tenneco, NHK, Media Group, Pioneer, and Novelis, also means last year's top 100 companies. There are seven in the list.

In terms of changes in rankings, the fastest rising was Nexteer, which jumped 11 places over the previous year, followed by Infineon, which rose by 9 and Rixin Industry rose by 8. The fastest decline was in KSPG, which was a decrease of 21 positions from the previous year, followed by a decline in Japanese Seiko’s 16th position, and Showa’s decline in 9th.

Looking at the rise and fall in sales, the biggest increase was Mahle, which ranked 18th, a sharp increase of 42.4% year-on-year. Novelis and Nisshin Industries rose by 30.6% and 30.4% respectively. Goodyear's fourth-highest increase was 25.0%. Then there was 24.0% for Eberspächer. The highest decline was for Seiko Japan, which fell by 25.6%. KSPG also fell by 25.0%. Antolin Group lost 18.4%.

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