Remember not to mess with the three major disadvantages of DIY "glass water"

Glass water is commonly known as the windshield washer fluid of automobiles, and it belongs to the consumables used in automobiles. The main ingredient is composed of ethanol, ethylene glycol, a variety of surfactants, deionized water, and a small amount of dye.

Type of glass water

The glassy water on the market can be divided into three types: one is commonly used in summer, and the addition of shellac in the cleaning solution can quickly remove the flying insects that hit the windshield; The frozen glass cleaning fluid guarantees that when the ambient temperature is below -20°C, it will not freeze and damage the automobile facilities; the special effect anti-freeze type guarantees that the freezing will not continue at minus 40°C and is suitable for the extreme cold in the northernmost part of China. Regional use.

The role and benefits of glass water:

When you feel the transparency of the car's front windshield is poor, spraying a glass of water at this time will give you a "clear and clear" vision. Especially when driving at night, the glass dust will scatter light. At this time, it is necessary to spray glass water to keep the front windshield in the best transparent state. In a dusty environment, and when you run a highway on a rainy day, the consumption of glassy water can be very rapid. There are six specific points:

1, cleaning

Due to the presence of surfactants, the purpose of cleaning and decontamination can be achieved through wetting, penetration, solubilization, and the like. This cleaning effect is much better than the water cleaning effect.

2, antifreeze

Due to the presence of ethanol and ethylene glycol, the freezing point of the solution can be significantly reduced, thereby acting as an anti-freezing effect and quickly dissolving the frost.

3, anti-fog

Fog and frost on the glass are all caused by the adsorption of water in the air on the glass surface. The former is unevenly distributed near each adsorption point on the glass surface, and the adsorption characteristics are not completely consistent, resulting in uneven distribution of absorbed water and the formation of droplets, while the latter is characterized by the formation of ice droplets formed at low temperatures and frost. After washing with glass water, a monomolecular protective layer is formed on the glass surface, and the main component is a surfactant. This layer of protective film can eliminate the dissimilarity of the nature near the adsorption point and prevent the formation of droplets. Even if the droplets are formed, the surfactant can spread the droplets into a water film, or dissolve the frost and evenly form a water film. Improve transparency and ensure clear vision.

4, anti-static

During the operation of the vehicle, the friction between the windshield and the wiper and the air will generate a charge, and the charge will absorb the dirt and affect the field of vision. The surfactant in the protective layer can neutralize the charge, or enhance the conductivity of the glass surface, eliminate the charge on the glass surface, and prevent adsorption.

5, lubrication

Glass water contains ethylene glycol, which has a high viscosity and can act as a lubricant, reducing the friction between the wiper and the glass and preventing scratches.

The role of glass water

6, security

Glass water does not contain all kinds of metal ions, and it is absolutely safe for automotive finishes, rubber (information, market), and various metals without any corrosive effect.

"Past glass water" has many disadvantages

Under normal circumstances, glass of water in the 10-20 yuan, some very cheap and even 4,5 yuan are also there; owners will give up the purchase of special glass of water, choose "remedies" - homemade glass of water. They use detergent, detergent, washing powder, etc. to replace special glass water with a bit of water. They think that it is cheap and easy; some owners directly replace glass water with fresh water. Although these DIY glass waters can also be used, there are certain hidden dangers in these practices.

Washing powder type "glass water"

There will be some deposits in the detergent powder. After a long time, it will not only corrode the rubber tubes, but it will also block the water outlets. In severe cases, it will damage the motor.

The harm of glass water

Detergent type "glass water"

The most used detergent is detergent. The main components of detergents are sodium alkyl sulfonates, sodium fatty alcohol ether sulfates, foaming agents, solubilizers, perfumes, water, pigments, etc., which are all chemical components. General detergents are alkaline, there will be a certain degree of corrosion of rubber, will accelerate the hardening of the catalytic wiper strip, when the hardened strip scratches the windshield, it will speed up the windshield surface is scratched, scratched. If the wiper is replaced again, the cost will be dozens of times that of glass.

Pure water type "glass water"

Water instead of glass water: This risk is relatively small. However, ordinary tap water also contains more impurities. For a long time, impurities will adhere to the rubber tube and affect the normal water spray. Long-term use may increase the friction between the glass surface and the wiper, causing scratches on the glass. Clean water can only clean the dust. It does not have the ability to thoroughly clean the dirt and corpses attached to the windows.

The correct use of glass water

The most convenient way to add glass water to a car is to commission a car wash shop or a repair shop to add it. Calculate your account, let the beauty shop add about tens of yuan or so, the cost paid is definitely more expensive than buying a bottle of glass water yourself.

However, the addition of glass water is just as difficult as the operation. It is entirely possible to operate it by yourself. The glass water that is generally purchased needs to be diluted for use. Just follow the instructions on the instructions. In addition, when you add glass water yourself, be careful not to overfill. If there is some foam in the mouth of the container, there is no need to worry about it and it will not affect the use.

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