Daily maintenance and inspection of driving school coaches

Why do driving school coaches check and maintain every day? There are three reasons for this: First, because the coach train is for students to learn to use, it is necessary to ensure that the coach is normally in good condition every day. Secondly, the coach is used in the driving school driving range. Once an accident occurs, it is possible. The consequences are very serious. Third, because everyone is learning the driver's license, on the first day of driving into the school, the coach is to teach the vehicles we are familiar with and vehicles to be checked every day. What exactly does the day-to-day inspection and maintenance of driving school coaches include? Listen to Xiao Bian below to give you specific instructions.


Daily maintenance of driving school coach

(1) Coaches insist on daily maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance.

(2) Routine maintenance is the responsibility of the coach.

(3) Level 1 maintenance is assisted by the coaches in the school repair shop.

(4) Secondary maintenance is the responsibility of the school repair shop.

(5) Maintenance contents of coaches are in accordance with the regulations of the traffic department.

(6) After the coach is maintained, he must carefully fill in the vehicle's technical file.

Driving school coach vehicle daily inspection

(1) Coach vehicle inspection refers to the manual inspection of the coach vehicle's vehicle capacity, safety performance, safety status, and usage.

(2) Checking contents: Technical condition of vehicle appearance, steering, braking and lighting; performance of fire extinguishers, auxiliary brake pedals, auxiliary rearview mirrors, auxiliary accelerator pedals and auxiliary clutch pedals.

(3) The coaches check the method of self-inspection by coaches, coaches in the training team, and sampling by the school security department.

(4) The coach insisted on the "three-inspection" system before training, during training and after training. The training team organizes a mutual inspection once a month. The school organizes sampling inspections every quarter.

(5) The faults discovered during the inspection should be promptly eliminated to ensure the safety of the coach.

The above is the content of routine maintenance and inspection for the coaches that are delusional. I hope that the trainees and coaches can strictly abide by them. This is also to ensure the safety of everyone. The maintenance of any car can not be relaxed, let alone coaches, so it should cause everyone to pay enough attention.

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