Use car crane hook precautions

The hook of the truck crane is the most important equipment for picking up the entire vehicle, and the hook of the vehicle is to take all the lifting gears to bear. The advantage of truck-mounted cranes is that they have safe and reliable working properties, and they are also convenient for picking things up. Vehicle hooks can be divided into sheet hooks and forged hooks, depending on the method of manufacture. Forged hooks are made of high-quality carbon steel No. 20, used as a substrate. After being stamped and forged, and using a return heat treatment, the residual internal stress can be eliminated. Increased its toughness. And it is required that its hardness reaches HB75-HB135 before machining. The plate hook is manufactured by riveting a 30 mm thick steel plate, and can be divided into double hooks and single faces according to its structural form. The structure of the single-sided hook is relatively simple, and it is extremely convenient to operate. It can be used on small or medium-sized cranes. It is one of the more common lifting devices. The carrying capacity of double-sided hooks is relatively symmetrical, and it is suitable for use in those applications where the lifting weight is relatively large.

1. When using the crane to lift and hoist the work, the hook used has a relatively high requirement. It needs to have a smooth surface, no cracks, peeling, sharp corners, nicks, etc. , and can not be used on those hooks with cracks and wear after repair welding.

2. The hook of the truck crane should be capable of carrying its load. If there is no obvious labeling, then it needs to be calculated before use, and after determining the weight of the load, it has already been made. In the experiment of dynamic and static loads, it is necessary to check if there are any cracks and deformations during the experiment. If it is correct, then it can be used.

3. When using the hook on the top of the crane, there should be equipment for installing the hook lifting device to prevent decoupling.

4. When the crane hook has already appeared torsion deformation, section wear, bushing wear, and plastic deformation beyond the use of indicators, it should be scrapped and can not be used.

Bolted Cement Silos

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