Using corn tester to get accurate data on corn yield

In the process of corn planting, especially in harvest season, in order to obtain accurate data of corn yield, it is often necessary to conduct indoor test and test of corn, and in the process of planting test, in order to improve the efficiency of the test, at the same time To ensure accurate measurement of the measured production value, the staff is required to use the corn tester to do a very fine job for each link.

Corn tester

Compared with the traditional test work in the past, modern test seeding work using corn tester, the workload and work intensity has been a great link, test the efficiency and accuracy of the species have also been greatly improved, so in Measured corn production is also more accurate, and the obtained data is more in line with the true value. Therefore, in modern breeding work, the quality of corn varieties is often assessed based on the data provided by the corn tester.
In addition to measuring the water content and 100-grain weight of corn, it is necessary to measure the total length, breadth, aptitude, volume, and other items of corn ear, so in fact this work is very tedious. If the work is done manually, it will take a long time, and it also has higher requirements for the technical level of the staff. As a result, the technical requirements for maize test operations are higher, and now the work is handed over to corn. If you look at the instrument, you don't have these problems. No matter whether it is a seed production enterprise, a farming technology department or a professional seed inspection department, you can use it to carry out corn seeding work and get ideal data results.
It can be seen that the application of corn tester not only can obtain accurate data of corn yield, but also more importantly is of great significance to the development of the corn industry, can provide scientific basis for the promotion and demonstration of new varieties, and improve corn The degree of seed adaptation in various regions provides the broad masses with new varieties of corn with high yields and high quality, increases grain output, increases farmers’ income, and gives full play to the role of new species extension and demonstration bases, which contributes to stable agricultural production, increased farm output, and increased farmers’ income. Such as the achievement of goals.

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