Sino-Japanese joint venture to build coal tar plant signed in Weifang a few days ago

A joint venture between Shandong Haihua Group Weifang Zhenxing Coking Co., Ltd. and Japan JFE Co., Ltd. to build a 300,000-ton coal tar for deep processing was signed in Weifang a few days ago.

The joint venture of Haihua Group Weifang Zhenxing Coking Co., Ltd. and Japan JFE Company is divided into three phases with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. The contract is for the first phase of the deep processing of 300,000 tons of coal tar project, with an investment of 350 million yuan. It is planned to reach production in the next year, and will become the single largest coal tar processing unit in China after the completion of production, with annual sales revenue. Up to 600 million yuan. According to reports, Japan's JFE Corporation is the world's largest steel enterprise group and ranks 226th among the world's top 500 companies. Haihua Group is a state-owned large-scale enterprise led by marine chemical industry. It has an annual production capacity of 2 million tons of coke.

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