The State Administration of Work Safety submitted the work report on the safety supervision of hazardous chemicals 10 provinces and cities were identified 448 security risks

(Reporter Feng Weili) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the State Administration of Work Safety that in the report that was just formally submitted to the State Council’s safety committee, the State Administration of Work Safety listed a total of 10 provinces and cities in hazardous chemicals safety inspections. Out of 448 accidents. The safety committee of the State Council requires 10 provinces and municipalities to carry out rectification on this matter, and will organize a “review” of the reforms.

In late April, the State Council’s Safety Production Committee dispatched supervision teams to Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hubei, Guangdong, Chongqing, and Sichuan respectively, and the specific inspection work is under the responsibility of the State Administration of Work Safety. This is the first national safety supervision operation in the area of ​​domestic hazardous chemicals. The 10 inspection teams examined 38 prefecture-level cities and county-level cities, as well as 138 hazardous chemical units. After this large-scale supervision inspection, the State Administration of Work Safety has basically grasped the safety status of major provinces and cities in Shandong, Shanghai and other chemical production.

The 448 hidden accidents identified were classified into seven aspects: First, several provincial safety supervision departments did not set up a hazardous area. Most city and county safety supervision departments did not have specialized departments, and some did not even have full-time staff. Second, the slow progress of relocation of enterprises has been planned but has not been implemented. III. The emergency rescue system construction plan and emergency rescue plan are incomplete and lack of unified planning. The allocation of emergency rescue resources was irrational. The identification and evaluation of hazards had not been conducted before the preparation of the plan, and the drills for the plan had not been given priority. The plan is poorly targeted and operational. Fourth, the safety production license examination and approval work is unbalanced. Most enterprises did not apply for the approval of safety production licenses as required. The country's permit approval work is quite arduous. V. The safety management of dangerous goods road transport is more prominent, and the problem of incomplete transport of hazardous chemicals certificates is more common. The relevant law enforcement agencies often resort to fines for the disposal of various types of illegal vehicles, and have not investigated the responsibilities. 6. The safety management of some non-public chemical companies is lax. Employees are unaware of the dangers that may exist in this job, they are not aware of the accident prevention and emergency response measures, and the security inspection accounts are not sound. Seven, there are many loopholes in the safety management of pressure vessels. Quite a number of companies have overhauled or never tested pressure vessels.

It is understood that the State Council's safety committee requires 10 provinces and cities to carry out rectification based on the identified safety hazards, and report the rectification situation to the State Administration of Work Safety before October 15 of this year. The National Security Council of the State Council will organize a "Look Back" at the end of October.

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