Fast's operating indicators continue to innovate and continue to lead the industry

Affected by the global financial crisis, in the adverse situation of the heavy truck market as a whole showing signs of weakness, Shaanxi Fast Group's production and operation in 2008 still achieved relatively good and rapid growth, the annual total sales revenue of 6.592 billion yuan, production and sales of heavy duty transmission The 467,500 units, which were 9.08% and 8.68% higher than the same period of the previous year, set a new record for various operating indicators and continued to maintain industry leading advantages.

Since the second half of 2008, the Fast Group has withstood the test of sharp declines in the domestic and foreign markets in response to the crisis and meeting challenges. The multi-speed, high-speed transmission new products have effectively met the development needs of the domestic heavy truck market, 12 The new products such as gears and 16-speed transmissions quickly seized the market commanding height. And promptly introduced to users the 10-speed series of new transmission products. Multi-speed transmission new products have won the trust of OEMs and users with optimized configuration and cost-effectiveness, and achieved excellent results in the annual sales of 12-speed and 16-speed transmissions exceeding 50,000 units.

Facing the new changes in the market situation, Fast Group took full advantage of the time difference formed by market adjustments, turned pressure into motivation, turned challenges into opportunities, conducted in-depth rectification, improvement and improvement activities, and laid a solid foundation for rapid growth in production and management. Solid foundation. At the same time, the pace of technological innovation and product structure adjustment has been continuously accelerated. New product development has yielded fruitful results. Small 8-speed and small 8-speed transmissions have been mass-produced. The 6DS series transmission technology has made great breakthroughs, and the product lightweight test has been a success. The new synchronizer The research and development achieved remarkable results. The 10-speed transmission completes the full range of development and the plate-type portable shifter is quickly put into use. At the same time, new breakthroughs have been made in the areas of buses, light trucks, construction machinery and other market sectors. New product sales have increased year by year and have risen from 17.66% in 2001 to 65.35% in 2008.

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