Horse Tire Sponsors Natural Gas Fuel Ecotourism

The record-breaking driver Rainer Zietlow's natural gas fuel ecotourism was strongly supported by German Continental tires produced by the Continental Group and Continental navigation systems. During the 80-day trip to Zietlow, he will travel through all of Germany's more than 800 natural gas filling stations, promoting the use of environmentally friendly natural gas as fuel. This environmental tour will also showcase a large network of natural gas filling stations in Germany. Zietlow chose the low rolling resistance safety winter tyre of the horse brand and the VW RNS 510 navigation system developed by the Continental Group. This navigation system is equipped with NAVTEQ card information to show the best route.

From January 7 to March 22, Zietlow will drive the German Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI EcoFuel, to show the public that environmentally friendly and low-cost driving travel is not a mutually exclusive concept: he wants to control the average fuel consumption cost per hundred kilometers 4.35 euros. In order to achieve this goal, he chose to use the ContiWinterContact series of tires, this series of winter tires rolling resistance is almost as low as the summer tires. Continental’s navigation system will also help further reduce fuel consumption. The VW RNS 510 radio navigation system developed by the Continental Group, this system can be installed and installed in the automobile production plant, and the shortest distance between filling stations can be calculated quickly, thus shortening the distance traveled. The 20,000-kilometer environmental tour starts on January 7th in Irschenberg, Bavaria. Zietlow expects to pass the finish line at Westerland Sylt on March 22nd.

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