"Rebuilding a Yuchai in Three Years" from Dream to Reality

In 2006, Yuchai Group's sales revenue was only 14 billion yuan, and in 2007 it exceeded 18 billion yuan. In 2008, it exceeded the 20 billion yuan threshold for the first time, achieving three major steps in three years.

Looking back at the extraordinary 2008, people are delighted to see that Yuchai Group's sales revenue exceeded the 20 billion yuan mark, reaching 20.98 billion yuan, an increase of 14.3% over 2007 and an increase of 71.7% over 2005; diesel engine production and sales reached 55 More than 10,000 Taiwan, more than 105% more than 2005, successfully achieved the "three years to rebuild a Yuchai" grand goal. At the same time, it maintained the first domestic production and sales volume in the same industry for eight consecutive years, and achieved double-digit growth in sales revenue for eight consecutive years.

Yang Daoxi, vice chairman of the autonomous regional government, fully affirmed Yuchai's three years of development. He said: “In the past few years, the majority of cadres of Yuchai Group employees have started from scratch and started from scratch. With great courage and wisdom, they have overcome unfavorable conditions and difficulties and gradually built Yuchai into a national benchmarking enterprise for manufacturing in China, even at home and abroad. The machinery industry has established a brand image made in Guangxi.”

In the past three years, Yuchai Group has taken institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, and technological innovation as breakthroughs, standardized the corporate governance structure, integrated internal resources of the group, built a platform for investment financing management, optimized the reform of the property rights system, and built a creative labor force. Group; Over the past three years, Yuchai Group has intensified its independent innovation efforts and took the lead in launching domestic 4 and 5 diesel engines with intellectual property rights in China. It has obtained more than 300 national patents and more than 30 invention patents. Products are made from “Made in China” to “ "Creation by China" and "Yuchai Machinery" have also become the green "hearts" of the Beijing Olympic Games vehicles, and have erected the backbone of the national industry. In the past three years, Yuchai has sounded the "International Yuchai" horn and its business operations have extended to Asia and Europe. On the four continents, the United States and the United States, overseas sales of products have increased at an average rate of 154% per year.

In 2008, it was a tough year for Yuchai Group to achieve its strategic goal of “rebuilding a Yuchai within three years”. Since September, the global financial crisis has spread, and the national engine industry has been greatly affected by the decline of the auto industry. Under this “cold wave”, Yuchai people guided by the core concept of “green development and harmony and win-win”, calmly thinking and turning crisis into opportunity. They calmly responded to market changes and fully promoted low-emission, environmental-friendly, high-efficiency, and energy-saving engines to achieve a smooth transition of the Yuchai national Euro 3 standard engine market; optimized industrial structure, low degree of linkage with the main business, small scale, and low technological content The nine subsidiaries ensure that companies put down their burdens and travel lightly. At the same time, Yuchai Industrial Park will be built with the Yuchai brand advantage and supporting advantages.

In 2008, Yuchai Engineering Corporation ranked first among domestic exporters of excavators less than 15 tons, and engine exports increased by 48% year-on-year. In the face of remarkable achievements, Yu Ping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., said: “Rebuilding one Yuchai in three years has gone far beyond the concept of business scale in the general sense, reflecting a rich connotation, mainly reflected in the corporate The operating quality has risen to a higher level, which has laid a more solid foundation in the quality, ability, talent, and mechanism of the company, and will surely play a strategic support role for Yuchai to take off faster in the next step.

At present, in the face of the global financial crisis, Yuchai Group is working hard to plan for greater development. We will strive to achieve sales revenue of 35-50 billion yuan in the next 3-5 years, and strive to build a world-renowned brand and achieve the goal of a large multinational enterprise group. Yulin Municipal Party Committee Secretary and Mayor Jin Xiangjun have high hopes for Yuchai’s scientific development, green development and leap-forward development in the future: “I hope Yuchai Group will continue to implement the strategy of the municipal party committee and government to “strengthen Chai Xingyu”, continue to innovate and maintain a flourishing development trend. To strengthen and expand the city's machinery manufacturing industry cluster and build a leading city for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Pan Beibu Gulf to play a leading role."

Edited words:

The realization of the Yuchai Group's strategic goal of “rebuilding a Yuchai in three years” is an exciting achievement, and it is also the pioneering initiative of the industrial front in our region.

The emergence of the current global financial crisis has brought unprecedented crisis to enterprises and brought about adjustment opportunities. Yuchai people can stick hard, overcome difficulties, and respond calmly, relying on self-innovation for many years to create a company with independent intellectual property rights as the core of the company's competitiveness; rely on the crisis in front of calm response and firm confidence. On the one hand, based on the current situation, research the market and formulate countermeasures; on the other hand, we must look at the long-term, analyze trends, identify the “short board” and achieve leapfrogging.

Therefore, in the face of the “cold wave” of the financial crisis, companies only have to “strengthen their bodies,” and work hard to improve their own market competitiveness and resilience to risks. Only by using pressure as a driving force and turning crises into opportunities, can they. Welcome to the "winter" in the spring!

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