People-oriented: Northern heavy-duty truck lubricants actively meet new market challenges

Compared with previous years, the winter weather in 2008 was not too cold, but the economic crisis originating in the United States brought a chilling wind to the Chinese mainland economy. China's lubricant industry has also encountered the cold-water baptism. The heavy truck lubricants in the North are actively facing the crisis, seeking "a chance" in the "crisis" and actively meeting the challenges of the market.

1. Strengthen staff training and sales elite

Since the end of October 2008, the “economic crisis” and “redundancies” have become hot flashes. With regard to large companies, the news of layoffs by small businesses is also constantly increasing. Companies aim to reduce the company's operating costs. But this move has brought about many negative effects. The loss of talent, the reduction of employee confidence, and the scale reduction of the company. . . However, the North Heavy Duty lubricants hold the "people-oriented" business philosophy, recruit talented people, take the opportunity to expand the sales and service team. Strengthen the training of old employees; promote and practice the “cooperation, hard work, pioneering, practical, dedication, dedication” spirit of “Qinchuan Niu”, improve the core competitiveness of the company, and reserve talents for the economic recovery industry. Improve rapid market response.

2. Strengthen Quality Management and Improve Product Competitiveness

In 2008, the North Heavy Truck Lubricant was promoted in the terminal market and won the reputation of customers with high quality. In 2009, the company stepped up its quality management process to achieve "professionalism and focus on oneness," and took every detail to improve product competitiveness. The goal was 100% product qualification rate, 100% customer satisfaction rate and zero complaint rate.

3. Develop a flexible and pragmatic dealer policy to increase the competitiveness of dealers in market operations

North Heavy Truck Lubricant Company faced a weak overall industry market, fierce competition in the first-line market, and dealers urgently need the company's strong support status. In the new year, based on changes in the market, Northern Heavy-duty Truck Lubricant Company introduced a new customer agency policy, adjusted the old customer sales policy, and the new business start-up support plan in 2009 to ensure the competitiveness of customers participating in market development.

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