Minjiang Gear Speed ​​"Hidden" Line

Chongqing, a southwestern industrial city in December 2008, has already revealed a clear early winter scene. Although it is located in the hinterland of the motherland's Tianfu, the high Bashan still does not resist the continuous cold raids of the outside world.

At the supplier’s conference held at Chongqing Qijiang Gear Transmission Co., Ltd., despite the loud voices at the venue, all the automotive elites from all corners of the world smiled and met, but privately everyone was somewhat worried about the deepening winter. .

“The reason is very simple. We cannot see clearly the specific direction of the Chinese auto market in 2009. No one knows how much the Chinese auto market will be affected by the economic crisis in the future. Some companies are already preparing to shrink their investment in 2009, especially those Export-oriented companies, foreign countries are more than the impact of the financial crisis, domestic ah!" In the face of the current grim situation, vice president of Jiangjiang Gear Co., Ltd. Wu Jianxin issued the above-mentioned emotion. In the view of professional managers who have been engaged in auto manufacturing since the university graduated, they have entered the auto industry for decades and it is the first time that the entire auto industry has faced such a serious economic crisis.

Obviously, the global economic recession initially triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis has already exerted a huge impact on China’s auto industry, which has increased production by 1 million vehicles a year.

At the time when the cold wave struck, Minjiang Gear Transmission Co., Ltd. had already felt the pressure of sales. Although in 2008, this component company that occupied nearly half of the transmission share of the entire Chinese passenger car market had a slight increase in sales compared to 2007. increase. “But the slowdown in production and sales is also a kind of reduction. Including commercial vehicles, in the first half of 2009, China’s auto companies may usher in a real winter.” Wu Jianxin told reporters that it was not one of the worst. The problem, but the entire Chinese auto companies, which also includes auto parts companies.

However, in the face of difficulties, companies are willing to give up and take bad things, or take this as an opportunity to overcome difficulties?

“At this time, we must also be aware of our own deficiencies, improve the overall quality and level of the enterprise, improve product quality, and promote the overall benefits of the enterprise. This is also the development.” In Wu Jianxin's view, as long as the opportunity is seized, temporary shrinkage. Maybe not worth mentioning at all. Future development may be the real key. To this end, enterprises have made timely adjustments to their efforts and their hard work has become the key.

“Quality is the life of a company and the foundation for its development and invincibility. At present, we have organized a quality team and a lean office to speed up our products and make our company bigger and stronger in advance. Preparations." Wu Jianxin told reporters that Minjiang Gear, which always adheres to the user's first and quality first management ideas, has taken the road of quality and brand strategy with the help of the economic crisis, and took this opportunity to become a Chinese passenger car transmission. The first brand, the designated brand for military transmissions, and the preferred brand for heavy truck export transmissions.

Different from the "grassroots" route of Fast, the Minjiang Gear is a kind of fine-minded strategy.

It is reported that the 6-speed gearbox owned by Lijiang Gear even has a higher price than Fast's 9-speed gearbox, but even so, product sales are still hot, with annual production and sales of 100,000 gearboxes. After years of development, it has grown into The boss of the passenger car gearbox. “At present, the truck gearboxes we carry are not yet quite large, but the layout truck market is one of our directions. Just as Fast has gradually infiltrated the bus industry, we have to gradually infiltrate into the truck industry. But we and the law The breakthrough in the market is also different for Styers. They are winning by quantity. We are winning by taste. Obviously, with the changes in market conditions, lowering the price threshold and expanding the market are obviously no longer the only selling points. ."

As far as the facts are concerned, Minjiang Gear, which took the fine line, took the lead in the 60s of the last century to lead the national industry in formulating corporate standards for quality management and to implement and implement comprehensive quality management. And in 2002 won the international quality system certification. In recent years, Minjiang Gear has invested capital in purchasing various sophisticated testing equipment and machining equipment, which not only ensures the company's product quality, but also provides technical support for companies in the surrounding areas.

“Under the economic crisis, we have also implemented lean manufacturing in order to improve quality. Now we have recruited 10 lean project managers, set up lean offices, and trained 20 quality engineers. We have advanced the model in each manufacturing unit. As early as September 2008, we conducted lean production training for employees in some plants."

“Until the current situation is not yet clear, we cannot rely on investment to enhance our capabilities, but we also need to improve our capabilities to improve our product levels and lay a foundation for the future.” Wu Jianxin told reporters, it seems simple. Lean production, in fact, there are many places where companies "move knives." "For example, we have to adjust the process line. For example, we need to carry out management processes, process adjustments, which can change our original practice, reduce our inventory and waste." "At the moment, maybe it's real When testing the internal strength of enterprises, it can rapidly eliminate those enterprises or models that are not really needed by the market and lack of competitiveness, and allow companies that have survived the severe test and survived to expand their market share and increase their technological strength. , increase their own scientific and technological strength, enhance their market concentration.” Wu Jianxin told reporters that the current adjustment of the national economy, market structure, market demand adjustment may give the Chinese auto industry and companies like Minjiang Gear to bring another Hide your chances of raising yours.

"Only good products are not enough, but we must also have high-quality and efficient services." Wu Jianxin told reporters that at present the company has established more than 20 offices and more than 200 special service providers in the country, for product maintenance and service, Enterprises require 8 hours in the province and 12 hours across provinces, and the three-pack period of the product is higher than the vehicle requirement. “At present, our market share in the large passenger car market is the highest in the country, and our 5S-150GP transmission assembly has also been exported in batches with China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and Shaanxi Automobile Group. S6-90 transmission The assembly has also been exported overseas in batches with a number of OEMs. In addition, the number of products that we export overseas with a domestic pickup company has also increased in volume this year."

"As a leader in the gear industry, we hope to further promote the quality and brand strategy, accelerate the development of products, improve the quality of the company, and make the company bigger and stronger, and seize the opportunity for a new round of industrial transfer," said Wu Jianxin.

When Wu Jianxin was interviewed by reporters, a good news came quietly. Statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that in December 2008, the Chinese automobile market bottomed out, especially with the beginning of the Spring Festival, bus sales have grown rapidly, with an increase of up to 25%. “Our sales also show a gradual upward trend. Of course, this reflects the overall characteristics of the bus industry and is a result of our continuous advancement of lean management and the pursuit of quality.”

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