Tong Micro's "Engineering Development of High-Efficiency Microfluidic Electrochromatography Analyzer" Passed Acceptance

【China Instrument Network Instrument Development】Tong Micro Corporation is an industry-leading high-tech enterprise specializing in the collection, development, manufacturing, sales, and service of chromatographic instruments and liquid chromatographs. It is committed to building world-class instruments in the field of micro separation. Recently, Tongwei's "Engineering Development of High-Efficiency Microfluidic Electrochromatography Analyzer" project has passed the acceptance inspection by experts from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

The "Project of Scientific and Technological Innovation Action Plan" of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, "Engineering Development of High-Efficiency Microfluidic Electrochromatography Analyzers" (No.) was undertaken by Shanghai Microanalysis Technology Co., Ltd. and completed in cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Computing Technology. On March 2, 2017, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission organized and hosted the project acceptance meeting at Shanghai Tongwei Micro Analysis Technology Co., Ltd. The acceptance expert group heard the project summary report, technical report, prototype test report, and user report made by the project completion unit. Check the new report, expert evaluation report, etc., reviewed relevant technical data, visited the on-site demonstration of the instrument, and highly evaluated the project results.
"Engineering development of high-performance microfluidic electrochromatography instrument" project adopts a new technology of dual-separation principle of high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis, electroosmotic flow and pressure flow dual drive technology; solved the extremely small particle electric filling technology of the column, effective Improve the column efficiency by 6 times; developed new technologies such as Nano-injection valve, microfluidics, and laser-induced detectors; completed the engineering design and overall machine optimization of each functional module, and improved related components and structures. The internal layout of the complete machine is more complete, assembly and installation tend to be simplified, the software is stable and reliable, and the operation interface is simple and convenient. The project product has applied for/authorized 14 patents, including 2 invention patents, 3 utility model patents, 2 PCT patents, 3 international patent applications, 2 Chinese invention patents, 1 utility model patent, and 1 appearance patent. item. In addition, 1 software copyright is applied. The scientific research report and the scientific project consultation report showed that its research “Engineering Development of High-Efficiency Microfluidic Chromatography Analyzer” is novel, and the comprehensive technology is at the international advanced level.
High-performance microfluidic electrochromatography instruments have far more analytical capabilities for complex samples than liquid chromatographs and capillary electrophoresis alone. They are particularly adept at analyzing and detecting complex, difficult-to-separate chemicals such as proteins, peptides, and chiral compounds.
(Original title: Tongwei “Engineering development of high-performance microfluidic electrochromatography analyzer” project passed acceptance)