Henan Metrology Institute of Science and Technology Research Project 20MN Superimposed Force Standard Machine Test

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] On July 3, 2017, Henan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision organized relevant experts in Zhengzhou, and according to the new regulations for scientific research achievements, the 20-MN superposition project completed by the Institute of Mechanic Science, Henan Institute of Metrology Science and Technology. "Standard force machine" and "Cable tension meter calibrating device" carried out the results acceptance, according to the requirements of the plan mission, the results of the prototype, technical indicators, patents, papers, research funding and related information were reviewed, Out of a very high rating, unanimously passed the results acceptance.

Superimposed force standard machine is based on the high development of sensor technology and electronic technology. Nowadays, there are many high-precision, high-stability strain sensors and meters that can be used as standard dynamometers, which makes its existence and development possible. prerequisites. The superimposed force standard machine is the basic equipment in the field of mechanics, just like other standard machines. Due to its simple structure, reliable work, high work efficiency, and high accuracy and low price, it is rapidly applied. At present, China's only China Institute of Metrology and Fujian Provincial Institute of Metrology have a value of more than 10MN sensor, dynamometer verification, calibration qualifications, far from meeting market verification requirements.
The successful development of the “20MN Superimposed Force Standard Machine” has improved the mechanical measurement level of the Henan Institute of Metrology, especially the calibration and calibration of the forceful force measuring instrument, making the Henan Academy of Scientific Research rank among the advanced level in the country. Provide strong technical support and guarantee for the detection of traffic, engineering, construction, shipbuilding and other fields (industries), and better serve the economic development of the central and western regions. The successful development of the "Tape Tensiometer Calibration Device" compensates for the gap in the cable tension measurement transmission and improves the accuracy of the cable tension meter calibration. The device has a large market demand and has certain direct economic benefits.
(Original title: Two Scientific Research Achievements of the Institute of Mechanic, Henan Province, Accepted)