2016 China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum Innovation leads the future

From December 8 to December 9, thousands of domestic and foreign experts, scholars and net creators gathered in Guangzhou. Focusing on the theme of "Smart Energy Leads the Future," we are deeply concerned about the smart grid, smart energy, advanced grid technologies and energy reform. Hot topic conducted in-depth discussion and exchange. In this exhibition of scientific and technological achievements and new technologies, both the VR and AR technology-oriented products and robots for the power industry, the unmanned helicopters, and the electric vehicle wireless power supply method and the safety equipment improvement achievements of the South Network Maker are provided.

"The atmosphere of innovation is blowing!" This is the most intuitive feeling that Wang Wei, director of the Industry Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, took when attending the 2016 China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum.

Maker space open gradually

In recent years, the company increased investment in technological innovation of employees, creating a strong atmosphere of "double hit".

"The short film promoting the development of science and technology in the forum is very shocking and great." Zhu Wenji, a founder of Guangxi Electric Power Academy from China Southern Power Grid Corporation, said that this is his third time participating in an international technology forum, and each time he experiences something differently. The academician experts report is very exciting, with different perspectives and height. Behind the award-winning scientific and technological workers, hard work behind them, they are the power of example, always inspire themselves.

Hainan Power Grid Corporation of Sanya Power Supply Bureau Hexi power supply high-voltage test squad leader Chen Haiping set up his own studio. His cloth under the "10 kV outdoor tap the new grounding device can touch the cable" in a corner of the exhibition hall, has attracted Chairman Li Qingkui, Cao Zhi'an, general manager of attention. Chen Haiping said that in 2014, Sanya Power Supply Bureau increased a lot of ring network cabinet, according to the traditional way, always can not get on, and later my colleagues in the studio and spent more than a year, through the relationship between nuts and screws, the development With this new grounding device, the safety of the equipment has been improved and the staffing hours have also been drastically reduced. "The leaders of the company can see here that our demonstration of this safety tool shows that the company attaches great importance to work safety and is also a great encouragement to our grassroots personnel," said Chen Haiping.

Forum, China Southern Power Grid Company 2016 Technology Forum papers first prize winner came to read the paper. E-pressure Wang Zhen, led by R & D team with "Siemens electrical trigger valve abnormal conduction cause of the incident analysis and countermeasures," the paper from more than 1800 papers stand out and won the first prize in the forum. He told reporters that this award is mainly derived from production and service in production. When I started to find this reason, I was rather excited because it lasted for more than a year and it was not easy. He said: "Let's share this thesis with leaders and provide a reference for future production and essay writing. And example. "His deepest feeling is that" we are in the process of production will inevitably be awakened emotions, but we are to face difficulties, we must insist, we persevere to find, it really found the reason. "

Guangdong Power Grid Company Jiangmen Power Supply Bureau substation two deputy monitor Zhou Yi Feng did not expect that they developed a small tool can also be awarded. It is understood that Zhou Yi-feng and class members developed the "GW4 isolator switch disassembly tool development" won the company in 2016 Staff Technology Innovation Award, and successfully applied for a national patent, the application of the technology Maintenance of a knife gate time reduced from 120 minutes to 42 minutes, improve work efficiency. "The above gives the platform, you can create something in accordance with the invention of the device, improve work efficiency, so that you live less, high efficiency." Zhou said that he now has at least one science and technology project each year.

In 2016, the Company obtained 11 first-place prizes of technical achievements of power workers nationwide and 2,387 newly granted patents, all of which achieved the best record in history.

Achieve the transformation of a breakthrough "bottleneck"

Forum, Xi'an Jiaotong University intelligent robot team brought their research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles. R & D member Yan Dapeng that the future of artificial intelligence must be one direction, although this one product has not yet entered the market in the Southern Power Grid, but I believe in the near future, we can make this a path planning, positioning accuracy, fault identification advantages Man-machine patrol in the equipment, "flex its muscles."

South Network Media Company for the Yunfu Power Supply Bureau tailored VR training products also attracted a large number of delegates onlookers and experience. By wearing VR helmets, employees participating in the training can get the immersive feel of the jobsite version, and seamlessly connect the backstage to the front through the information system, people have to lament the power of technology. According to He Shuabei, Guangdong Power Grid Training and Evaluation Center, there is 3D simulation in the past, which is a foundation. Nowadays, the development of VR and AR technology can construct the whole operation scene virtually and has a bright future.

Internet + Research founder Shen Tuo thrown in the forum a series of Internet ideas brain-opening. He believes that technology is difficult to commercial barriers, nothing less than five aspects, namely: the user does not understand, grasp the scene is not clear, the product is not accurate positioning, value proposition is not clear, not to promote the operation of the system. He advocated how the transformation of elephants, ants how to grow, the key is to rely on the transformation of thinking, cognitive acceleration, the technology truly into productivity.