Over 3 years of submarine sonar measurement instrument acceptance testing project acceptance

China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development On January 11, the State Oceanic Administration, as the project undertaker, organized the 2013 annual marine public welfare scientific research project “Key Research and Demonstration Application of Key Techniques for Measurement and Measurement of Commonly Used Submarine Sonar Measurement Instruments” in Tianjin (No.) Project self-inspection meeting.

Yao Yong, deputy director of the center, attended the meeting. He acknowledged the collaborative spirit of the participants in the project, and requested the project team to supplement and improve the results according to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the expert group, and put forward expectations for the transformation and application of the project results. Project coordinators Ocean One, Beihai Forecasting Center, China Ocean University, Shandong University of Science and Technology and Tianjin University of Technology project leader and project team members attended the meeting.
At the beginning of the project, Director Xin Hongmei of the Department of Science and Technology of the State Oceanic Administration required the project team to strictly implement the relevant regulations for the special management of scientific research in the marine public welfare industry. In the research process of the project, the company insisted on the coordinated development of innovation and application to ensure the safety and implementation of the use of funds. rate. Director Wu Aina asked the project team to strictly abide by the management requirements of the various projects of the project, and promised that the center will provide guarantee and support for the smooth development of the project and ensure that the project is completed on time.
After the expert team composed of project supervision experts, consultants, and financial experts listened to the work reports of each mission unit, they conducted inspections and guidance on the completion of project research tasks and the use of funds, reviewed the relevant acceptance materials, and asked questions. Discussions and unanimous opinion: The project better solved the key measurement and detection technologies for commonly used submarine sonar measuring instruments, completed the task specified in the task book, and met the assessment requirements. The management and use of project funds conformed to the special fund for marine public welfare industry research. The provisions of the "Interim Measures for Management" agreed to pass self-inspection.
(Original title: Marine public welfare scientific research project "common seafloor sonar measuring instruments measurement and testing key technology research and demonstration applications" project acceptance)