Plastic Beakers with Blue Printed Graduation (4007-0782)

Model NO.: 4007-0782
Packaging: 1PC/Box, 12PCS/Carton
Usage: Measurement
Reactant State: Liquid
Trademark: Citotest
Specification: CE, ISO13485
Origin: China
HS Code: 3926909
Beakers,PP Material

Suitable for general laboratory use, such as obtaining quantities of solution or containing
buffer and work reagent solution for short time

Compliance with ISO/DIN 7056 Plastic laboratory ware -Beakers

- Transparent, chemical resistance, durable and autoclavable
- No drip, single-spout design provides precision pouring control
- With graduations, size code, resin code, catalog number, max. temperature and "No Flame" symbol for easy identification and safe use
- With ribs for easy stacking

With blue printed graduation and handle
4007-0752 250 4 each/dispenser box,12×4 each/carton
4007-0771 500 4 each/dispenser box,12×4 each/carton
4007-0781 1000 2 each/dispenser box,12×2 each/carton
4007-0782 2000 1 each/dispenser box,12×1 each/carton

Plastic Beakers with Blue Printed Graduation (4007-0782)

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