Melt Flow Indexer Machine, Melt Flow Rate Instrument, Flow Meter, Meter for Liquid (RAY-400B)

  • Model NO.: RAY-400B
  • Carton Size: 700*680*640mm
  • Maxcapacity: <1000KN
  • Load Way: Electronic Load
  • Display: Digital
  • Weight: 0-100Kg
  • Oil Cylinder Position: Under
  • Specification: CE or ISO9001
  • HS Code: 9024101000
  • Type: Material Testing Machine
  • G,Weight: 70kg
  • Accuracy Grade: 0.5
  • Loading Method: Dynamic Load
  • Control: Computer Control
  • Power Source: AC220V
  • Trademark: RAYLABEL or OEM
  • Origin: China
I. Applications
RAY-450 Melt Flow Rate Instrument is used for determination of flow properties of thermoplastic high polymer under high temperature according to test methods of GB/T3682, ISO1133. It is used to determine the melt flow rate of high polymer such as PE, PP, POM, ABS, PC, nylon and Fluor plastics, etc. It is widely supplied to the production and research of factory and science and research institute.

II. Main Technical Parameters
1. Extrusion section
Die diameter 2.095±0.005mm
Die length: 8 ±0.025mm
Cylinder diameter: 9.550 ± 0.025mm
Cylinder length: 152±0.1mm
Diameter of piston head 9.475±0.015mm
Length of piston head 6.350±0.100mm

2. Test load (The test load relative error shall not be more than 0.5%)

10.325kg54.675 kg
20.875 kg65.000 kg
31.835 kg72.500 kg
43.475 kg82.915 kg

3. Standard test load (kg ,8 grades)
1st grade 0.325kg = (piston stem +weight tray +heat insulation sheath + 1weight body)
2nd grade 1.200kg = (0.325+weight #2 0.875kg)
3rd grade 2.160kg = (0.325+weight #3 1.835kg)
4th grade 3.800kg = (0.325+weight #4 3.475kg)
5th grade 5.000kg = (0.325+weight #5 4.675kg)
6th grade 10.000kg = (0.325+weight #5 4.675kg +weight #6 5.000kg)
7th grade 12.500kg = (0.325+ weight #5 4.675kg +weight #6 5.000kg +
weight #7 2.500kg)
8th grade 21.600kg = (0.325+ weight #2 0.875kg + weight #3 1.835kg + weight #4 3.475kg + weight #5 4.675kg +weight #6 5.000kg + weight #7 2.500kg +weight #8 2.915kg)
4. Temperature range 30 ºC--450 ºC.
5. Temperature constant accuracy ±0.2ºC
6. Power voltage 220V ± 10% 50Hz
7. Working condition
The ambient temperature shall be 5 ºC - 50 ºC, and the relative humidity shall be 30%~80%. There shall be no corrosive media, strong air convection, vibration and strong magnetic field disturbance in ambient.
8. Appearance size of Instrument 250mmx 360mm x 514mm (long x width × high).

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