GPS18 Water Well Drilling Equipment

Model NO.: GPS-18
HS Code: 8460610000
GPS GPS-series engineering drill rig
GPS-series engineering drill rig is applied to large diameter cast-in-place piling with reinforced-concrete for high building, harbor, dam, bridge, basic engineering and also can drill large diameter hole of water well and engineering.

This kind of rig is equipped a hydraulic device that can make can rotary and supporting plate to move away from the borehole.The mast is installed a guide way to the benefit of vertically of borehole and have a retraction system to move the kelly away from the center of rotary.It us equipped with a centrifugal mud pump system for pumping reverse circulation drilling to handle various conditions and formations and can be changed into direct circulation immediately to suit different needsTo life or lower mast is operated by hydraulic control quickly and reliablyMain and vice winches employ the mechanism of planetary-gear train, so the operation is simple and convenient.
Specifications Unit GPS-18
Drilling depth m 80
Diameter of hole m 1.8
Torque KN.M 30
Speed forward r/min 10.5,17.5,29,44,62,84
reverse 12
Main winch capacity (single rope) KN 30
Vice winch capacity (single rope) KN 20
Mud pump m3/h 180
Effective height m 8.5
Drill pipe mm 168×150×3000
Power kw 37
Weight T 8.5
Dimensions(LxWxH) m 5.2x2.2x8.93

Other Ramps

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